Top Trends in Modern Web Design To Continuously Follow in 2021

Top Trends in Modern Web Design To Continuously Follow in 2021

The world of web design is changing fast. Innovations like neural networks, smart chatbots and augmented reality have led to increased productivity and extended capabilities. The continuous development of digital technologies makes it important to be updated with the latest website development tools and web design trends alike. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top trends that we should closely follow this year and beyond according to our top web design Sydney experts.

Bigger than usual elements

Web designers normally use oversized elements to share valuable information with users. This kind of solution can also be used in the other parts of the page including the menus, videos, full-screen images and main headlines. The use of elements that are bigger than usual can easily draw attention and assist in the easy navigation of a website. Furthermore, oversized elements suit all kinds of screen resolutions.

This technique is widely used by e-commerce companies to successfully promote their services and products on their websites. To know more about the benefits of using bigger than usual elements, contact any leading service provider and ask about their affordable website design Sydney prices.

More animations

Many leading companies are adopting the use of more and more animations in their product catalogs and main pages. Dynamic illustrations, integrated GIFs and animations are the in thing these days because they are better and more efficient for pages to have than full videos. Unlike video files, short animations have faster loading times.

E-commerce format

When we talk about e-commerce design, the main objective is to provide online customers all they need with regards to visual attractiveness and user experience. Over the next few years, the focus will be on simplicity, speed and usability. According to the best website design Sydney, the goal is to give customers what they want with less effort in the fastest time possible.

Good-looking dynamic landing page

More and more designers are using dynamic landing pages that are attractive to urge users in committing to a particular target action. Simple static pages are not enough to sustain the attention of users. This problem can be avoided with the use of interactive elements and dynamic blocks like js/css animation. Web design experts recommend the use of animated and interactive page elements to transform boring landing pages into more dynamic versions. These things can also draw more potential customers and drive additional traffic to websites.  

There are many other important trends to monitor closely this year. The list includes 3D elements and artworks, the use of clear and accurate information, the use of fluid forms to divide website sections and user experience (UX) audits to identify strengths and witnesses. Furthermore, leading web design Sydney experts are also suggesting that industry members be on the watch for mobile-friendly web designs and progressive web apps (PWA).

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