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At Top SEO Sydney, clients choose our SEO services over others as we don’t just simply optimise three lines of code and assume it’s a finished project; instead we go the extra mile to identify and implement new strategies which help propel your business online. We are fully transparent in presenting our clients on how we expect to achieve maximum search engine visibility with our strategies. While teaching our clients about SEO can benefit them we describe and present each detail with data to back it all up each step of the time.

As the leading SEO Company in Sydney, servicing companies all over Australia from small business to corporations and with more than 12 years of experience in optimising websites like yours for SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) we can confidently say, we deliver not only by words but with results which generate you new bussiness. We have carefully crafted SEO Packages / Plans starting from $400/month to allow start-ups and small business to take advantage of the digital world we live in. We’ll always begin with your approval – we listen, we analyse, we deliver. We listen to your goals, analyse your circumstances with our proven formulated SEO Audit Reports, based on many years of hard work in collecting & selecting SERP data. Then we carefully custom create our SEO Packages / Plans measured to achieve your SEO goals with maximum search engine exposure.

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The requisite elements of a successful online business: excellent visibility, quality leads, outstanding conversions, and improved revenue. Our SEO services are designed to get you on top of the search engine results page as over 90% visitors don’t care to look past the first page.

Our Blog is all About SEO

Find everything you need about SEO here in our blog. Get the facts prior to hiring your SEO company who can take you to the top of SERP’s (search engine result pages) or getting your online business dropped out of SERP’s all together. Google is very clear with their guidelines.

Proven SEO Packages

SEO is more than just achieving good ranking than your competitors, it’s about getting quality leads and conversions. Our flexible and smart SEO packages are designed to get incredible results that will boost your revenue. We know every industry is distinct and so is every website and its associated keywords.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Contrary to popular belief, the world of SEO does not revolve around high rankings. It is only one cog of the SEO machine while the main output is achieving maximum conversions.

What conversions you may ask? It means converting your investments/website visitors into sales. What does it matter at which spot your website ranks in Google if you’re unable to reap benefits? This got us thinking. And we resolved that keywords and rankings are only the tools to SEO with, to achieve highest possible sales and outcome. And we have come to the conclusion of SEO = ROI

Harry and his team at TopSEO Sydney have provided excellent services across three of our websites with excellent results. What's best is his cutting-edge know how (with no BS) is combined a with a fantastic old-fashioned, easy-going attitude making it easy to just pick up the phone and chat to him about your projects. Top bloke.read more
Adam Savage
05:33 22 Nov 18
Harry and his team at Top SEO Sydney have been fantastic. Honest, reliable and have exceeded our expectations. Great work. Thank you.
Steven Para
03:48 07 Nov 18
We are extremely happy with Top SEO Sydney's services. Harry and Rada are honest, upfront, easy to deal with, and deliver what they promise. They are consistent with their reports so you know exactly what you get and what you pay for. After trying a few different companies this is a huge relief. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a rounded approach to improve their online presence.read more
Carina Hinse
23:11 06 Nov 18
Harry and the team at Top SEO have been fantastic. They are so helpful, honest, patient and reliable. We have started seeing results from all of the work and effort that has been put in by Harry and the team. Very highly recommended. Thank you for your work so far.read more
Nick Gjorgjioski
22:48 05 Nov 18
Harry from Top SEO is among the most honest & upfront people in this industry. You know you are getting what you pay for because the reporting is excellent. In three months we have already started getting results from Harry's work. Would highly recommend his services!read more
Knee Hill
07:02 12 Sep 18
Great work Harry, your work has been outstanding and looking forward to working with you!
Switchiton Electrical
02:31 09 Apr 18
Harry is never to busy to take your call and always coming up with new ways to improve our website and rankings. I highly recommend Harry and his team at TOP SEO Sydney.read more
Lyn Keogh
01:08 13 Sep 17
Amazing service and very knowledgeable. Thanks guys
Anna Lentini
00:58 12 Sep 17
I have tried around 5 SEO Companies in the past and most have disappointed. Top SEO did not. Our traffic has increased since we started working with them, as well as rankings. I can confidently recommend Top SEO services to any small or big business.read more
Erika O'Connor
07:46 07 Sep 17
My business has tripped in the past 4 months. Thanks to director of Top SEO Harry. My site has gone to being number one on Google searches on verious key words. Thanks again Harry I highly recommend this business.read more
Steve Nakousis
11:08 31 Aug 17
If you are thinking about hiring an SEO company, I strongly recommend Top SEO Sydney! Harry helped our business so much and got us on the first page of google and improved our ranking within weeks. Our website looks so much better, and he has gone above and beyond to make sure we get the most leads as possible! A lot of digital marketing companies have approached me since hiring Top SEO but I constantly turn them down and stick with Top SEO because of the results and how responsive they are with any questions we have!read more
Kellie Dillon
09:18 31 Aug 17
After dealing with some pretty dodgy SEO companies in the past, it is refreshing to find a company that actually seems to know what they are doing and are genuinely interested in benefiting our business. Top SEO Sydney have been working to improve our online retail store's search rankings and increase traffic to our website and, after a few months, we can see some positive results coming through. Top SEO Sydney are very thorough in their approach to their SEO strategies and provide detailed, yet easy-to-understand, progress reports and updates each month. They work to ensure that our website is SEO friendly and properly optimised for search engine ranking. Harry, in particular, is always approachable and a pleasure to deal with and we are optimistic about our continuing relationship with Top SEO Sydney.read more
Angela Gross
09:09 02 Nov 16


Just pick up the phone and give us a call (02) 9764 4024, and we’ll show you why we are amongst the best SEO companies in Sydney. Optimising websites for search engines is what we do best; we’ve been at it for many years and we will we continue to deliver our SEO services to  many more companies all over Australia, allowing companies of all sizes to gain the benefits from SEO and take advantage of the high ROI. Don’t just take our word for it, take our previous clients’. We have boosted many of our clients’ website rankings and increased their conversion rate. View some of our clients testimonials below. We are here to help your business grow vertically in the virtual world with minimal frustration and maximal return.

Question: What is SEO and why should I invest in it?

Answer: Nowadays, SEO is more important than ever and it is necessary for all online webmasters to properly understand the true meaning of SEO and the potential it creates to make your business successful. SEO is nothing but a set of rules followed by every webmaster to improve their website ranking in search engine results. This technique is a great way to make your website user- friendly, faster and easier to navigate. When compared to other digital marketing services like PPC advertising, SEM or e-mail marketing, SEO provides a fairly good investment, rewards you with higher positioning in search engine results and drives in more organic traffic.

Question: How long Google takes to index my website?

Answer: Crawling and indexing process of your website can take some time and it depends on various factors. The time may vary based up on the popularity of the website, content type, site structure and more other factors. If your website is not well connected through multiple links from other sites on the web or the website has a complex design, there would be certain delays in indexing and this can be rectified by consulting an SEO expert.

Question: Should I focus on long-tail keywords to top Search Engine Rankings?

Answer: Practically long-tail keywords are much easier to rank than other common ‘head’ keywords because these keywords are convenient to monetise and have a higher conversion value. If a user lands in your webpage using long tail keyword phrase, the visitor is more likely to buy your service or product. The long tail keywords are packed with searches like “best SEO service in Sydney”, “where can I find a local plumber in Melbourne” and more.

Question: What is the approximate time taken by a website to reach the top 10 rankings in search results?

Answer:  In order to start appearing in the top search engine rankings, 30 – 90 days period is good enough. But the case may be different, if you are using high competitive key-phrases for your SEO promotions.

Question: Does blogging helps my business?

Answer: Absolutely yes! It’s a mere fact that search engine loves new, up-to-date and valuable content. By regular blogging, search engine rewards you by boosting your website in the rankings, improving organic search visibility and increasing website traffic. It also lets your customers understand your company’s brand story and reaches the target audience in a short time & increases sales.

Question: I lost my ranking overnight and how can I recover it?

Answer: Ranking 12th in the search engine result last week and facing a big drop in rankings instantly is a potential heartbreak for website owners and webmasters. A latest algorithm update from Google, low quality links, losing good links, bad hosting, incorrect robots.txt file and more other factors may contribute to the SEO ranking drop. By increasing the page speed, building quality links, revoking Google penalty if any, properly updating your web page, optimising the website design and increasing social shares may help you to get back your dropped ranking.

Question: What is the difference between white hat and black hat SEO practices?

Answer: White hat SEO is a set of ethical techniques that you follow to get your website rank higher in the search results and looks completely natural. But in black hat SEO, webmasters use unscrupulous techniques like generating surplus backlinks to your main website as an attempt to generate fast rankings. These back hat SEO techniques are not favoured or preferred method by Google and are flagged as faulty and improper methods of SEO implications. This kind of unethical techniques should be avoided to escape web penalty.

Question: Is page ranking really important?

Answer: Page Rank is one among the important signals that Google consider to rank web pages in search engine results. Moreover, the architecture of your web page plays a major role in deciding its performance in search engine. If your page lacks any necessary requirements or is of poor quality, then the search engine fails to crawl your page resulting in low or no visibility to consumers. Having great content & improving your social media presence increases the number of visits to your site, and this will help to increase or boost your Google page rank which translates to more visibility and of course increased business.

Question: Why should I outsource SEO?

Answer:  Outsourcing SEO to a white label SEO service provider offers you more benefits than you can imagine. Specialist SEO provider have skilled team of professionals who are dedicated only to SEO and help in developing methods and steps that strengthen the online presence of your business. They only implement appropriate SEO techniques that build-up online reputation and never end with a black hat technique. Even though you are well versed in programming, you may lack little knowledge in on page optimisation and how it works. In such cases, they will provide a comprehensive on-page and off-page optimization techniques to improve the search engine results. Moreover, you can spend quality time on various other aspects of your business like tracking the number of sales, providing back-up for the client, efficient and regular reporting of the regular progress, preparing invoices and more.

Question: Should I submit my site on directories?

Answer:  Over years, there is an endless confusion over whether directory submissions are a good idea, or over which directory submission websites owners should make use of. But still, Google consider links from high-quality, niche directories to be ‘good’ links, and they will help your website in generating more organic traffic. Manual directory submission should be preferred over automated submission because with manual submission you can get the best results with search engines and prevent penalties.


You may have been involved in a frustrating and confusing cooperation with your previous SEO company due to the lack of reporting information and most of all not understanding why results are taking too long. With Top SEO  Sydney you will will be fully informed and  with the most comprehensive reporting system which can be reviewed in breeze thus leaving you running your business.

We have helped many companies achieve great SEO results and most importantly increased business with effective SEO providing high conversion and high ROI.

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