3 Places to Publish your Content to improve Local SEO

With various factors that influence the overall authority, trust and visibility your local business is able to achieve online, it is important that you find ways to make your presence felt in the right platforms to boost your SEO. Here are some critical spaces where you high-quality content can help you in your local search initiatives –

Social Media Platforms

Social media pages are an excellent platform to promote local content and to pursue content syndication. Not only are you able to regularly publish new pieces on a regular basis and actively share relevant content with your audience, but you will be able to directly connect with your audience and build a network of other stakeholders within your local community.

Local News Sources

Publishing your content on local news sources is a great way to reach out to your community. Not only are you able to make your presence felt among a news hungry audience, but you will also be able to leverage an opportunity to get published on a national scale. Furthermore, local news sources tend to enjoy a great domain authority that you can piggy back on.

Local Community Pages and Forums

Extremely easy to encounter online, local forums and pages are excellent for niche businesses with a very specific target audience. For instance, if you are a tree surgeon, being present on public space development forums or homeowner associations is a great way to reach out to the right audience.

Even though these pages don’t carry high authority, they will be a great platform to directly engage with an audience that you can easily convert.

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