4 Effective Steps to Build A Bigger Audience and Get Your Business Profile Exposed on Instagram

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E-commerce is now an essential part of our life. Along with its popularity is the prominence of social media as a platform to promote various types of businesses. According to Hootsuite, 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services, while 130 million users tap on shopping posts every month.  If you are not already using Instagram, you are missing out on a wide stretch of your potential customers!

Once you get your Instagram account activated, it is a must to make a checklist on the most common tips and tricks used by the top SEO specialists social media agency sydney to maximise the benefits from this platform.  In addition to boosting your brand awareness, many social media consultant Sydney companies ensure that using the appropriate strategies on Instagram will drive more sales and help you get valuable insights about your customers.

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Grow your audience by using the right keywords related to your business. The goal is to make the keyword searchable as it is the key to getting your profile on the top research ranks.

There are various ways to learn the most accurate and beneficial keywords to use. One of the most helpful and common ways is to leverage keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and other free online sites.

Most social media marketing Sydney experts agree that the right keywords will connect your profile to most people who are looking for valuable content in your niche. To benefit the most from this, it is ideal and best to have the right keywords on the profile bio, brand name, uploaded contents and hashtags.

Use All Creative Content Formats Available in Posts and Stories

Just like ranking web pages, search engines use algorithms to rank your profiles. Among the factors affecting these algorithms is the bounce rate of a page. To avoid high bounce rates, it is important to use creative content formats on stories and posts.

Here are some basic guides to help you with creating and posting creative content on Instagram

  • Images, Photos, Infographics – Most customers are visuals by nature. Hence, the images, photos and infographics on your sites should be interesting and catchy to the readers’ eyes. It is best to have an expert in graphic design to help you to ensure creative photos and images on your page.
  • Short-form videos on Instagram Reels – Take advantage of this special Instagram features as it offers another venue to showcase your creative content and increase customer or followers engagement.
  • Live Streams – Another Instagram tool to use is live streams. It is prominent nowadays as it allows you to have a live broadcast and get your profile on top of your followers’ feed in real-time.

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