How to Write More Personalised Emails for Effective Marketing

How to Write More Personalised Emails for Effective Marketing

As one of the most efficient industry channels, businesses can benefit a lot by simply understanding the right delivery, tone and language of email marketing. Although some emails are automated, they are still powerful enough to persuade many customers to support your products and services especially when they are given a more personalised touch.

When writing emails for marketing purposes, we have to keep in mind to whom they are intended for. Never forget that the readers are human beings so these should be written with real people in mind. Compared to ads, emails are more conversational but they have very important roles to play in marketing. Here are some tips from top email marketing Sydney experts on how to write a more personalised and effective email.

Try to write using the first person

When setting the tone of an email, write in the first person to make it more personal. Don’t make it sound that the customer service, the marketing team or the company is the one talking to the readers. Instead, try to write on their behalf. The pronoun “I” should be used more because it is still a human being who is making the emails that are to be automated.

Enclose your afterthoughts or short asides in parentheses

An expert working for a top email marketing agency Sydney said that parentheses can be used in emails to show some kind of spontaneity. This is a perfect way to emphasise that the one writing the email is indeed a human being. Use brackets to enclose some of your afterthoughts and short asides. Unlike bots, humans can spontaneously squeeze in some thought or add in humor to any given fact.

Do not be overly enthusiastic when delivering your message

Many marketing copies do not sound natural because they deliver the message in an overly excited manner. To have an emotion is important in communication but sounding excessively enthusiastic is not very ideal. When the level of enthusiasm is alarming, the email will usually sound insincere, unreliable and unconvincing. A good email should have less exclamation marks and should stick only with claims that are objective and realistic.

Use emojis and add humor

To make emails stand out, be sure to include some humor because it is popular and can entertain readers while promoting your products and services. When used properly, emojis can be cute, humorous and friendly.

Include a personal experience or use a story

Leading email marketing services Sydney experts also recommend the use of stories or personal experiences to make emails more personalised. You don’t have to write a masterpiece but you can easily give an email a strong sense of personality just by using stories. A simple narration of how you experienced something relevant is enough to give readers the impression that a real person penned the email.

Additional Points

Aside from what we have discussed above, you can also write a better email by avoiding the use of excessively formal language. Keep it chill but make it grammatically correct and polite. Email marketing Sydney experts also advise not to make assumptions about the potential readers. When signing the email, it is best to use your real name as well as your personal work address.

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