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A Glimpse on the PPC Trends you need to know in 2019

A Glimpse on the PPC Trends you need to know in 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PPC has turned out to be a crucial tool for any business, as a successful online strategy, since it is easy to implement and offers easy results!

The year 2018 witnessed a plenty of PPC updates like any other year – most of them took place without any prior warning or clues, especially, renaming ‘Google Adwords’ to ‘Google Ads.’ It had been a challenging situation for many businesses to understand the changes and adapt to them to thrive their business in the online Ad war in 2018!

So, what PPC trends should business be aware of in 2019 to stay in par with the war?

In this blog we’ll look at some of the new features & trends that are expected to influence PPC in 2019.

Rise in Mobile campaigns

Comscore claims that, “69% of digital media time is spent on mobile devices.” With the rapid growth of Smartphone users, Smartphone technology in PPC is expected to grow exponentially. Hence, to deploy the potential customers to your business, you must take advantage of this great opportunity before the trend gets drenched out.

Upswing of Amazon

Statista mentions that, “Amazon has witnessed a net sale of 178 US billion dollars which was generated through e-retail sales.” Google and Facebook have enjoyed the fruits of advertising sector for quite a while now. It’s the turn of Amazon at the moment, as they are thriving hugely in the advertisement platform with the help of AI. Amazon is also awarding more scope for the marketers to prosper in sales effectively. Many industry experts predict that Amazon is set to dominate a major space in online marketing platform in the upcoming months.

Rise in Visual Search

According to Content Marketing Institute, “45% of B2C marketers believe visual content is their most important type of content.” The users can now search for any information in the internet with the help of their camera! Google Lens and Pinterest Lens have been offering this mechanism for quite some time now. This has influenced the dynamics of search, affecting the PPC spectrum. PPC experts suggest that visual search is all set to dominate in the upcoming days.

Advancing Artificial Intelligence

Venture Scanner reveals in a report that, “1,652 AI startups and private companies that have captured over $12.24 billion of funding.” Artificial Intelligence is compelling the tech industry to advance towards an entire new level. Even Google & Bing have allocated significant resources to work on the development of the AI-driven engines in their interfaces. Bing has now launched with many new features – Location recommendations with performance changes and competition tab all embracing the Machine Learning system. Similarly, Google has also improvised on many of its features, making the PPC campaigns much easier for the marketers, offering a lot of scope for automation.

Google’s Smart Bidding Concept

The manual bidding option is declining now, with a growing list of AI powered bidding strategies. Google has now initiated Target Impression Share, Pay for Conversions in Display campaigns when the Targeted CPA is the bidding strategy, launched Smart Bidding for search partners and much more.

Data-based Targeting

In a study conducted by Forbes, “66% of marketing data is used to better focus on targeting offers, messages and content.”

State-of-the-art targeting involves data with deeper insights, which is expected to influence the PPC techniques in 2019. Most of the platforms now offer data that offers narrowed-down information on the traffic. With this data your business is sure to prosper with better conversions.

Remarketing and Personalisation

With the advanced techniques in PPC, 2019 is sure set to experience more flexibility in the way of approaching a customer. Especially with AI and Machine learning’s remarketing & personalisation features, it is going to become easy to convert a potential customer, who has not converted with the previous efforts!

Voice Search

Search Engine Land claims that, “20% of search queries on Google’s mobile app and on Android devices are voice searches.” Voice search has been gaining attention for some time now, because of its easy access via smartphones and the smart home devices like – Alexa & Google Home, this trend is for sure to influence the way PPC works.

These are just a few of the trends and changes that we anticipate to take place in this year. All you have to do is, research more on the recent trends and start testing the techniques on your brands to capture the market![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.