Bad Backlinks

Bad Backlinks what are they? Who creates them? and why are they an enemy of SEO? ‘Bad Backlinks‘ or sometimes referred to as ‘Spamy Backlinks‘ or ‘Unnatural Links‘ are links on other websites to your website. Anyone can create ‘Bad Backlinks’ which can harm your website’s search engine visibility and your current ranks can drop from SERP’s. The seriousness of the backlinks created can vary, for example a backlink from a low authority website will incur some rank drops but not for all your keywords and not big drops. But the backlink form a gambling or adult website can have a huge impact on ranks and even a Google penalty which will require a more time consuming process to recover the ranks.

Unnatural Links

In addition to the ‘Bad Backlinks’ we have websites being hacked and then used to post spammy blogs/articles and links to other websites which can also cause a Google manual penalty.
We at Top SEO Sydney have decided to act promptly to minimise risk of this from happening again to any of our customers. We will include in all our SEO Plans a ‘Backlink Audit’ which we will be manually checking all the backlinks and ensure they are all healthy and natural. We will also ensure websites are protected against hackers.

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