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Introducing Google’s New Tools for Easier Collaboration and Ad Creation

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How often do you work with other SEO Sydney experts to create content and ads together? How much time does it take to set up the necessary tools for collaboration? These questions might be familiar to you since working with others can slow down the process of creating and executing your marketing strategy, especially if your clients or co-workers are in different locations. This article will help you learn about Google’s new tools that make collaboration and ad creation easier, so you can spend more time focusing on your clients’ needs instead of the logistics of collaborating across locations.

As the world’s top search engine, Google has always had powerful tools to help you with your SEO and PPC campaigns. However, this is about to get even better with the introduction of new tools that are going to make collaboration, planning, and management all the easier. If you run an SEO company near me, it may be time to start looking into these tools to see how they can benefit your clients’ online marketing strategies. Alternatively, if you are an individual who just wants to manage your own online presence more effectively, these tools might help you do that too!

Asset Library – Asset Storage and Organisation

Google’s new asset library is a cloud-based storage system that makes it easy for businesses to store and organise their assets. The asset library is integrated with Google’s other products, so businesses can easily share assets between team members and across Google products. Plus, the asset library makes it easy to find the right asset for your needs – whether you’re looking for an image, video, or audio file.

It’s important that your SEO Sydney experts have access to content across your Google Ads account. With the asset library, images and videos are accessible across your account in a visual-first way. Using this tool, you and your team members can view, import and organise assets from previous campaigns and present campaigns. This allows for simpler sharing, collaboration, and consistency.

Creating and editing campaigns is quick and easy with direct access to the campaign library. Assets that are used across multiple campaigns do not need to be uploaded again. When you use Google Ads Editor to manage your campaign, you’ll find an asset library there as well. Just like Google Ads, you can select content from your library to construct your ads. Soon you will be able to import images and videos directly from Google Drive to Google Ads. With the asset library, you will help you spend less time managing assets and more time developing creative ideas.

Quickly Create Video Ads for YouTube

Because of the powerful effects video can have on people, especially through sites like YouTube, where there are billions of viewers watching the content they love, many businesses still have a difficult time fully unlocking the potential of video advertising because the process of creation can be long, resource-intensive, and complicated. That said, it doesn’t have to be that way! Thanks to Google Ads, it’s now possible to quickly and easily create a high-quality video ad. Start by selecting a template from the catalogue and personalising it with your brand colours, logo, images and text. Begin by choosing a piece of music from the audio library. Afterwards, integrate the video into any campaign that involves video, like a Video campaign or a Performance Max campaign. The templates are designed exclusively for YouTube, meaning they have optimal pacing, product placement, and calls to action, as well as other great design aspects. Once you’re using templates, video-making becomes easy, which means you’ll have more time to develop your messaging, campaign strategy, or insights about your audience.

Generate Voice-over for YouTube

Audio is a critical part of YouTube’s creative effectiveness. Google has simplified adding voice-over to videos. Videos with voice-over drive better performance, which is why Google has launched an easy way to produce voice-overs for YouTube videos, powered by Google’s premier text-to-speech technology. The asset library provides direct access to this feature. With one click, you can overlay your voiceover onto your video. Google currently offers seven voices in English (US) that were specifically created for advertising.

Research indicates that creatives account for a high percentage of return on investment, so that’s why Google provides tools to help you to create and refine creative for all of your Google Ads campaigns. The asset library should help you collaborate and campaign more smoothly with your teams, giving you more time to develop creative ideas. The library includes simplified video ad creation and voice-over, which will help you take full advantage of video advertising.

Wrapping Up

Optimising the way images and videos are organised, accessed and created will make it easier to create effective ads for any Google Ads campaign. Having assets in one place means you can create ads and campaigns faster and swap content more easily when you need to make a change. And, if you don’t have the video you need to reach an important customer or business goal, you can now create one directly in Google Ads. Contact our SEO Sydney experts near me to learn more.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.