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The Impact and Complexity of the May Core Algorithm Update 2022


Google rolled out its latest Core Algorithm Update in May 2022, and the internet and businesses have never been the same since. While many of us assumed Google’s monthly updates were enough to stay on top of search engine optimisation (SEO), this latest update shows how complex things can get when you’re working within the constantly-changing world of SEO and search algorithms. The impact of this update can be felt globally.

There are multiple ways that the May 2022 Core Algorithm Update will impact SEO companies, as well as content marketers and website owners as well. This update will change how we manage our content, how it appears in search results, and how we should market our websites. In this article, we’ll outline what SEO experts from a leading SEO company have to say about the impact of the core algorithm, the changes and what you can do to ensure your SEO campaign succeeds after these changes take place.

What is the Core Algorithm?

The core algorithm is a set of ranking factors that Google uses to determine which websites should be displayed in search results. These factors are constantly changing, which can make it difficult for website owners to keep up with the latest trends. However, understanding how the core algorithm works are essential for anyone who wants to improve their website’s SEO. The recent update has caused a lot of confusion among SEO consultants, as it is unclear what specific changes were made.

Industries Affected by the Core Update

In the May update, real estate, books, travel, health and fitness and more were the most affected industries. Real estate received the biggest impact. According to Google, there is no exact guidance for recovering from a demotion following a core update, other than publishing high-quality content and adhering to E.A.T. standards.

General Guidelines of Google Core Update

  • You can expect improvements or significant drops in search engine rankings.
  • Google’s core updates are complex and comprehensive since they don’t directly target any particular website. Instead, they are created to make search results more relevant and more useful to all users.
  • When a web page’s search engine ranking declines, it isn’t penalised. It is just re-examined against other content that has gone live since the last update.
  • The best way to cope with the impact a core algorithm update has made is to focus on publishing the best content possible.
  • Every few months, there may be a large core update. Chances are, sites may not fully recover from one update until the next one arrives.
  • Making improvements doesn’t guarantee recovery, but staying static and not improving for recovery will definitely result in no recovery.

Websites that have undergone improvements since the last update are likely to see a substantial rise in their rankings, while those who haven’t attended to their sites after the recent core update are likely to find themselves outdone by other sites that offer better content.

How Does it Affect Your SEO?

As a result of the broad core update, ranking methods have been altered greatly. A major update like this usually takes approximately 14 days to complete, so the impact is spread out as opposed to happening all at once. Further complicating the task of aggregating data and distinguishing ranking fluctuations from a change in the algorithm is the fact that Google reveals as little about its ranking formula as possible. The following changes can be expected;

  • Google will prioritise websites with video content compared to the ones with text.
  • With Google’s emphasis on E-A-T in every core algorithm update, we can assume that ranking fluctuations have something to do with E-A-T or a site’s lack of it following the May 2022 broad core update.
  • Google focuses on search intent and provides results that align with it.

What to Do If You are Hit by Google Core Update May 2022?

When you are impacted negatively by a Google core update, there are no specific actions to take to recover, and a negative ranking impact may not be a signal of a problem. Here are a few questions to consider, as suggested by Google, if you are hit by a core update.

  • What original information is provided in the content?
  • Does the content describe the topic in a comprehensive, complete and substantial manner?
  • Are there any insightful analyses or interesting details that go beyond the obvious in the content?
  • Is there substantial added value and originality provided by the content that draws on other sources rather than simply rewriting or copying them?
  • Are the page titles descriptive, helpful summaries of the content?
  • Is the headline in no way exaggerating?
  • Would you recommend this page to a friend, bookmark it, or share it with a colleague?
  • Do you expect to find this content in a printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?

As SEO consultants, we need to be prepared for anything Google throws our way. The May Core Algorithm Update is a perfect example of this. This update is one of the most complex updates we’ve seen in a while, and it’s going to have a big impact on the SEO landscape. In many cases, it is difficult to identify what must be done to reverse an algorithmic hit. And when it comes to Google core updates, it is even more difficult. Our SEO experts believe that these core updates are broad, comprehensive, and cover many quality issues. When your site has been hit by a major update, it is often recommended that you take a step back, take a look at your website from a broader perspective, and figure out what you can do to improve the overall experience.

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We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.