How to Use Gmail Ads to Grow Your Business

How to Use Gmail Ads

There are numerous technologies that will increase the sales of your business and bring you unbelievable success. This includes your website, customer insight tools, business productivity apps, and more. But, if you are serious about growing your business, you must adopt more technologies to your business strategy. Here is a whittled list of reasons why your business needs to start including g-mail ads into their Google Adwords campaign.

Reach More Leads

Did you know a survey by Chief Marketer reveals 87 percent of companies do email marketing? Today, email has become a visit channel for every business, and people are more addicted to their inboxes. According to a recent research report, it is estimated that many people are spending more than 6 hours in their inboxes every day. So, if you want to build strong brand awareness and reach more leads, start adding Gmail ads to your Google Adwords in Sydney.

Look and Feel More Organic

Gmail ads appear in the promotions tab of the Gmail inboxes and look and feel more organic as they seamlessly blend into people’s inboxes. By using Gmail ads, you will get more impressions, and you have to pay only when people click on your ad.

Clickable Email Subject Lines

Using killer email subject lines is the secret to Gmail ad success and increase open rates. Review your library of sent mails and find out which ones have got the highest open rates. Reuse these subject lines in Gmail ads to get high open rates.

Improved ROI

Gmail ads are the best way to get your emails in front of people and can be reasonably cost-effective when done right. Also, check your Gmail metrics to determine the number of saves, forwards, and clicks to website your ads generated. This data will help you to fine tune your future Gmail ads.


Gmail ads can be more appealing to the people being so friendly with the target audience. With Gmail ads, you can allow users to perform a variety of assignments including,

  • Playing a video
  • Click to download on a landing page
  • Complete forms and more

The Bottom Line

Gmail ads is a technology you need to adapt like Facebook ads, video ads, and more. Gmail ads help you to reach people where they spend most of their time. Yes, these ads are already making a great impact on businesses. According to a recent research report, most of the companies that implemented Gmail ads have seen a 25% longer time on site and an 18% increase in page views per visit from their first few campaigns. So, are you ready for the change? Get in touch with your PPC agency to create killer Gmail ads that revolutionise your business.

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