How to Stand Above and Beyond Your Google Competitors

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It is critical for brands or businesses to stand out on Google as this may eventually lead to their success or failure. With the right tools and the SEO best practices, they can crush competitors and boost their traffic organically in the long run. The search engine results pages (SERPs) are never short of opportunities for any business to arise above the competition. Here are some of the best ways to stand out according to leading Google ads agency Sydney experts.

Create awesome Google Search ads

Always start with a good old keyword research. Once the best keywords are identified, be sure to include the most relevant in making the headline. Next, try out different ways of creating good ads like using feedback from customers to develop the copy and utilising ad extensions. It is also worth a try to use storytelling or other creative forms in producing ads. If you want to know more, feel free to contact the top Adwords agency Sydney for more details.

Display advertising

In order to make your Google display ads highly effective, ensure that you are using the top performing keywords. Add to that, refer to your best performing organic content and then use it as the basis to determine which aspects work best with the audience. Focus on the creative design and ensure that you make varying sizes so that it can fit to different devices and placements.

Ensure that landing pages are optimised

You have to go back to your major landing pages and assess if they are already optimised. The main idea is to drive more traffic organically to the pages that are generating revenues. Once the traffic improves, your pages will get more engagement. This can help you stand out through a higher Google ranking. According to Google Ads Sydney professionals, be sure to add rich media, images, important internal links and top quality external links.

Set up a Google Business Profile

Packed with valuable information, you can stand out by setting up a Google Business Profile. This account can be used to optimise the customer reviews. By responding to them, you can urge more reviews from customers. Based on studies, close to 95% of customers are reading how businesses are responding to these.

Additional Tips

Aside from the steps discussed above, there are other simple ways to obtain a competitive advantage in Google. Taking advantage of Google snippets can encourage people to click a link. Next, you have to consider link building if you want to create a solid marketing plan. Leading Google ads agency Sydney experts also recommend the use of an SEO-optimised content to drive more people to your webpage. Likewise, they also suggest the use of external and internal linking best practices as well as the right placement of keywords to optimise content.

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