4 Quick Ways Write Better Titles for Your Blog Posts

4 Quick Ways Write Better Titles for Your Blog Posts

Creating a title for a blog post can be difficult and tricky especially if you want to write one that will surely capture the readers’ attention as well as their clicks. While maximising the limited characters available, you also need to communicate clearly so much information. According to our top Sydney SEO experts, here are simple but sure ways to write a better title for a blog post that can help draw audiences and increase traffic to your website.

  1. Do not use boring words and phrases

Every year, more than 2 billion blogs are being posted online. This is the main reason why phrases that are commonly used quickly become cliche. Using words and phrases that are already found a lot in the search engine results pages (SERPs) will sound lazy and boring to audiences. Ineffective and overused modifiers are bad for marketing.

Cliches will do more harm than good to your content and brand. According to a study, these boring words and phrases will eventually cause your click-through rate (CTR) to drop. Top Sydney SEO agency professionals recommend the use of powerful and fresh words that are in line your brand’s image and objectives.

  1. Include numbers to boost organic traffic

Studies have shown that putting a number in titles can increase organic traffic. It may be appealing to add a number to your title, but using an old one may not be beneficial. In order to avoid this mistake, you can check SERPs first and be sure not to use a number that is already there. Choose a strategically new number that would sound more appealing than those that are already found in the older posts.

  1. Add the primary keyword

Keep in mind that the title of your blog post should include the primary keyword. Always begin with keyword research. Once you have identified which keywords are best to use for your blog post, remember to add the primary keyword to the title. A blog post that is keyword-targeted is highly effective in increasing organic traffic. In case you need professional help or advice on how to develop strong blog post titles, don’t hesitate to contact the top SEO marketing company Sydney for more details.

  1. Use “how to” in the title

More often than not, we are using blog posts to explain processes or share educational resources to audiences. This is why the use of “how to” in the title can really work in your favor. According to a study, “how to” blog posts are excellent in increasing traffic organically.

Additional Tips

Never underestimate the value of creating an irresistible title for your blog. According to leading Sydney SEO experts, this will provide potential audiences a general idea of what value they can get from your post and this may eventually lead them to click on it or not. Aside from what we’ve previously discussed, you can also make better titles by making the value of a blog clearer, emphasizing how quick or fast the audience can read it and the use of the first person.

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