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Google Marketing Live 2023 – All the Big Announcements and New Features to Know

Google Ads

Google’s Marketing Live event (held on May 2023) was exhilarating as usual, but it was Artificial Intelligence (AI) that took centre stage this time. Without further ado, here’s a recap of all the major announcements that Google unveiled during the event.

Conversational AI Lets You Create Campaigns in Google Ads:

Google’s AI chat will let you create campaigns on Google Ads within its interface. By utilising the power of AI, Google’s chat will do the heavy lifting for you. The best part is that this is completely optional. Even better, advertisers will have the ability to analyse and edit all the assets generated by AI before launching the campaign.

More Automation With Generative AI on Performance Max:

Generative AI is being brought to Performance Max campaigns. This integration of Google’s AI lets you create text assets and images while you set up the campaign, which indeed helps enhance your image and video-heavy campaigns.

Other features include a new customer acquisition goal and re-engagement goal for your campaign. These are currently in beta and will allow you to optimise your campaigns for new and existing customers, respectively.

Google is Integrating Ads to the Search Generative Experience:

During the event, Google gave a sneak peek into how ads would appear within the new Search Generative Experience. The tech giant is planning on displaying Search and Shopping ads within the AI conversational window. They are also experimenting with new formats that take advantage of generative AI for ads. According to an AdWords agency in Sydney, the new ads experience might be subject to change in the coming weeks or months.

Advertisers Can Now Utilise AI-Generated Images:

Google’s brand new Product Studio tool is meant for advertisers needing to edit photos on the fly. Merchants can now use this powerful AI tool to enhance their product photos and make them appealing to shoppers. You could even sharpen low-resolution images and add dynamic backgrounds for a better visual appeal.

Search Ads Will Adapt to Generative AI:

Google’s Automatically Created Assets (ACA), which was introduced last year, utilises content from landing pages alongside existing ads to create titles and descriptions. But now, Google is enhancing ACA by leveraging generative AI so that Search Ads are served more accurately based on the context of the search query.

Two New Campaign Types of Google Ads:

Google launches two new ad campaign types: Video View campaign and Demand Gen campaign.

  • Video View Campaign: This campaign type can be used to gain more views on YouTube. It combines in-feed ads, in-stream ads, and Shorts ads to help you get more views on a video.
  • Demand Gen Campaign: This is meant for those wanting to drive more conversions. This will display across YouTube in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts, as well as Gmail and Google Discover.

While these enhancements and features are heavily reliant on AI, it only seems to be optional to use. The company articulates that these AI capabilities are only intended to save you time and enhance your workflow, as opposed to replacing conventional processes altogether. Talk to a Google Ads agency if you’d like to know more.

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