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Google Marketing Live 2023: New Features to Enhance Your Search and Performance Max Campaigns

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As this year’s Marketing Live event wrapped up, one thing’s for sure: Google is fully embracing the potential and capabilities of AI moving forward. The company expresses their commitment to improving your SEO in Sydney by driving AI-powered solutions across their platforms. Google also revealed new key features that will boost your Search and Performance Max campaigns to help reach your goals faster. Read on to learn more:

New Upgrades to Performance Max Campaigns:

  1. Enhancements in New Customer Acquisition Goal:

New Customer Acquisition, as of right now, looks into your users’ characteristics and leverages AI to discover new high-value users. But with the new upgrade, advertisers will be easily able to spot users with high lifetime values.

  • A Forthcoming Re-Engagement Goal:

Connect with your customers at every stage of their lifecycle journey. The new re-engagement goal lets you optimise campaigns to help increase the retention rate of your existing customers.

  • Custom Experiments:

As the name suggests, Performance Max Custom Experiments lets you A/B test specific settings and campaigns to identify what drives results. By testing different settings, getting the right results should be easier for advertisers.

  • Better Insights:

Google has also announced some improvements in insights to help marketers understand the performance of their campaigns even better. These insights will also come with recommendations that you could easily apply to improve your campaign.

  • Improvements in Ads Creative Studio:

Creative and media teams can now collaborate even better with new tools and enhancements arriving in Ads Creative Studio. Plus, the new trends explorer uncovers search trends that will help creative teams to develop new ideas.

  • Utilise the Power of Generative AI:

Marketers can now create appealing text assets and images with the power of generative AI. According to the SEO experts, generative AI will enhance your workflow and save a lot of time in the process.

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New Upgrades to Search Campaigns:

  1. Build Impactful Campaigns with Conversational AI:

Google’s AI chat experience is all you need to build better search campaigns. Just ask Google for ideas, and it will pick the keywords, descriptions, headlines, and other assets for your campaign!

  • Search Generative Experience:

Search Generative Experience, arriving soon in the US, uses generative AI to take your search to the next level. Google has revealed that customised Search Ads and Shopping Ads will be arriving in conversational mode and AI-powered snapshot.

  • Automatically Created Assets:

In addition to Performance Max, generative AI lets you create assets like headlines and descriptions for Search Ads as well. These AI-generated headlines will be more relevant to a user’s search query.

  • Improvements in Smart Bidding:

Smart Bidding should now be able to make more accurate predictions, thanks to the advancements in Google AI. These improvements will uncover more opportunities for marketers.

  • Add Business Information to Ads – Now Available Globally:

Marketers around the globe can now add business logos and names to their Search Ads. To do so, advertisers should complete Google’s verification program and meet their eligibility criteria.

By leveraging these new features and capabilities, advertisers should be able to supercharge their Search and Performance Max campaigns and maximise results. Talk to an SEO company if you have any questions.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.