An Actionable Guide on How Internal Links Improve Your SEO

An Actionable Guide on How Internal Links Improve Your SEO

Did you know links play a vital role in SEO? Yes, links, especially, the internal links are crucial to your SEO success yet often overlooked. Internal links are the hyperlinks from one page to another on the same domain. They are entirely different from external links that are linked to pages on other domains. As mentioned earlier, internal links are crucial to SEO success as they can boost the site performance in the search engines. It helps the search engine to find, index, and understand the pages of your site. Internal linking is key for any website to rank high in Google.

So, how can you utilise these internal links to improve your website rankings? Here, our SEO experts list a few tips to use internal links effectively.

Minimise Click Depth with Internal Links

Click depth is a term used to refer to how many pages your target page is from your home page. The best practice is that it shouldn’t be more than three clicks away. When you have higher click depth, it becomes hard for Google to find and index your page. When you use internal linking, you can reduce click depth and make it easy for search engine crawlers to access.

Focus on Creating More Content

If you want to create lots of internal links for your SEO, focus on creating more content. When you create more content, you’ll have numerous linkable content, and this makes your link building strategy better. Talk to your SEO experts today to create a strategy that helps in creating keyword-rich content that gives way to natural linking.

Anchor Text

Internal links should use anchor text that is keyword-rich and descriptive. It helps search engine to understand the semantics, context, and themes of your web pages.

Deep Linking

The key for internal linking is going deep, and you must avoid the following two types of links in your content.

  • Home Page: Instead of focusing on the home page as other sites do, you can strengthen internal pages to boost the overall SEO of your site.
  • Contact Us: One of the common mistakes in content marketing is linking to the contact us page using the anchor ‘give us a call’ or ‘talk to us.’ So, always make it to a point not to link content to the contact us page unless it’s necessary to do so.

When you choose affordable SEO services, the SEO experts will make you understand why to avoid top-level pages on a site for internal linking. According to the specialists, the most natural and best links in a content marketing strategy lies deep within the structure of the website.

Use Relevant and Natural Links

Yes, when internal linking, you must follow a user-focused approach to adding value and information. When you add relevant and natural links that match the context of the content, it improves user engagement and makes the site visitor more involved in your website experience.

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