How To Drive Traffic Into Your Restaurant Business Using Digital Marketing?

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Google has estimated that about 30% of its mobile traffic rely more on the local internet. Most customers are looking for local dining, restaurants, or take-outs. So, if you are running a restaurant, you should make sure your website is optimised for local searches. According to researchers, most restaurants and small businesses do not have an optimised website, this means you have a high opportunity to outrank your competitors. To take advantage of this situation, you must carry out research on SEO for restaurants to ensure you deliver great user experiences tailored for what people are looking for. One essential factor of SEO for restaurants is to understand your targeted audience. Keep reading to understand the other key digital marketing strategies that will drive traffic into your restaurant –

Optimise Your Website

You might own an established local restaurant, however, if your website is not digital, it might become hard for your restaurant to withstand the competition.  This is because about 88% of consumers search online to searchsw for products or services. So, it is essential for your business to have a professional and functional website. It must offer all details about your business such as – hours of operation, address, contact number, menus etc. Also, upload professional pictures of your restaurant space, staff, food etc. This gives the customers a sense of credibility about your business even before they visit you.

Focus on Local SEO

The next most important step is to focus on Local SEO.  You must be available on the local searches of your users. So, you need to take the following measures to boost local SEO –

  • Creative informative and engaging blogs
  • Make use of local keywords
  • Create a GMB Account
  • Mention the address and contact information multiple times across the web, so that customers can get in touch with you easily

Take Advantage of Social Media

A digital marketing strategy is incomplete without social media. With the power of social media you will be able to attract a much broader audience who potentially may become loyal, repeat customers over time. This is because, social media offers great networking opportunities. It offers great possibilities to reach out to a wide network of people. Alternatively paid social media marketing helps reach the target audience based on the demographics.

Restaurant Schema Markup

SEO experts might be well aware about schema markup. This is a special code, which is added to the web pages to help the search engines to understand your page better and return more informative results to users. Schema structures vary based on different types of content. This schema is embedded anywhere in the webpages and can be seen by viewing a page source.

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