6 Easy Steps to Boost Video Rankings in YouTube Search

6 Easy Steps to Boost Video Rankings in YouTube Search

Google, YouTube, and other search engines are using the same basic elements in their video ranking and website algorithms. To make the process of searching more simple, the search results of Google have been integrated with the video search results of YouTube. With the help of Sydney SEO, you can easily boost your marketing by incorporating your video and SEO strategies. Let’s take a more in depth look at the ways to enhance YouTube SEO to increase traffic and generate more views for your videos.

1. Be wise in selecting keywords

Each month, Search Engine Results Pages are becoming more and more competitive. New services, new products, and new competitors are eyeing the top ranks. It is therefore very important to perform keyword research to identify keywords which can bring you more volume. For this one, you can depend on tools commonly used for SEO or PPC such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Search, and Semrush.

2. Video titles should include keywords

Initially, you need to understand your audience’s search intent. This can be transactional, navigational, commercial, or informational. An expert working for a top Sydney SEO agency suggests that your videos and the customers’ intent should match to increase their visibility in the search results.

3. Video files should include keywords as well

YouTube is likely using this as a ranking factor for displaying videos in search results. Uploaded videos with target keywords have greater chances of ranking higher and obtaining greater search volume.

4. Make good use of the video description section

An optimised and solid video description is a highly critical ranking factor in YouTube, according to an expert working for a top SEO marketing company Sydney. Videos are reevaluated when YouTube video elements are updated or changed. This covers video thumbnails, closed captions, subtitles and video descriptions. This aspect is very important right from the very start so be sure to do this part as complete as possible.

5. Boost search results using video hashtags

Hashtags are very important throughout social media platforms because they can help people find content. Your videos can make their way to viewers’ homes by adding related hashtags to your videos’ descriptions. Tags improve search by increasing the visibility of key trends. Hashtags are usually found above a video’s title and are normally hyperlinked.

6. Choose the best category for your video

When looking for a specific video using advanced options, you can search videos from a pre-selected category. Before uploading a video, ensure that it is added to the right category in order for users to easily find it. Finding the best category for your video is easy because YouTube has made many different options available.

Additional Tips

In addition to the aforementioned steps, you can greatly improve the chances of more people watching your videos by using eye catching thumbnails. Make something that easily stands out from other similar videos. Top Sydney SEO experts also recommend the use of closed captions and subtitles. Closed captions are great for viewers who cannot hear the audio. Subtitles are perfect for viewers who do not understand the language used in the video.

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