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How Link Building Affects Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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How Link Building Affects Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Link Building Affects Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Any business that has a website or an online store but has failed to establish an online presence is useless. Hence, it is advantageous to keep the site running as doing this might only cost your operations a lot. To prevent costing more, it is important to ensure that your Web pages have a good Internet presence as this is what brings leads and traffic to your online shops. To do this, businesses must turn to SEO or search engine optimisation and other digital marketing solutions for their services and products to be searchable and seen online.

There are two sources of online traffic – organic traffic or paid traffic. Organic traffic refers to the traffic that you get without incurring any cost. This means that people type in keywords on search engines and look for products or services on their own. On the other hand, paid refers to the traffic that you get from your advertisements such as from Google Ads. Of the two traffic types, organic traffic is more valuable as it is more cost efficient. One of the ways to get this traffic is through link building.

Link building refers to the process of connecting relationships with other site owners with the belief that your website will help and enhance their online presence. Its main goal is to create traffic to your Web pages as it signals search engines like Google that your resources or your content is truly valuable and helpful to searchers. A recent research shows that 52% of digital marketers believe that link building and brand mentions directly impact organic search rankings. Hence, it is crucial to outrank your competitors in the online market. But how do you establish links to direct consumers to your online stores?

Using spot-on keywords and high quality content are the most important steps to establish links. It is why eCommerce businesses turn to the best Seo specialist agency Sydney as it is an expert in choosing the right keywords and optimising your content. Remember that good content with the most suited keywords is the key to ranking high on search engines and creating conversions for your business in the future.

Partnering with the leading Seo link building agency Sydney is a big help to businesses as it has a wide pool of sites where your businesses can build links or establish online relationships.

Below are some ways that the leading SEO firm Sydney and other SEO experts implement for link building.

Press releases

Having a press release linked to your website is helpful as it means that your company is establishing a good name in the industry as it is starting to appear on news headlines. has been newsworthy with your online business presence. Getting a strong link from the major press release sites will provide publicity and brand awareness.

Guest comments

Posting guest comments on some sites is crucial as it helps you tap new audience pools. By promoting your expertise at other companies’ websites, you can build authority, expose your brand, increase people’s awareness about your business and attract traffic back to your websites.

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