5 Key Benefits of New Google Ads Insights Page

5 Key Benefits of New Google Ads Insights Page

Over the last few months, Google has been busy updating Google Ads in order to improve the access of businesses to the platform. As part of these changes, it has launched the new Insights page. This is a welcome development because this tool uses data to deliver insights. To understand it better, here are what top Google ads agency Sydney experts have to say about the major advantages of the latest beta-tested Insights page.

Keep pace with major changes in the behavior of consumers

Designed to provide important opportunities and trends that are unique to a business, the Insights page uses an advertiser’s Google trends, campaign settings and performance history to produce business recommendations and insights. One of its main benefits is to help advertisers and marketers keep pace with the changes in consumer behavior, specifically those triggered by the pandemic.

Beat out the competition

For many Google ads Sydney experts, the new Insights page is an excellent tool to beat out your competitors. For instance, the pandemic saw the number of searches for the term ‘curbside pickup’ go up by more than 3000 percent. A business that is relevant to this search should have made the most out of the situation by using targeted keywords before the rest of the competition was able to ride the trend. This is a wonderful opportunity for smaller and mid-sized companies who are looking to grow their profits.

Great for boosting returns on ad spending

The new Insights page is definitely a bonus to any individual agency or any individual marketer. Adwords agency Sydney experts believe this new tool can help them increase their ad spending returns and even scale their accounts.

Every account can get truly unique insights

For anyone managing numerous business accounts, it is easy to see how varied the insights you will get based on the business you are currently looking at. This is great because the trends and data realistically reflect each individual business as well as the history of each ad account.

Instantly available insights

The insights are valuable indeed because you can readily have them in your account. If you need these details, you can easily and conveniently find them within the Insights page. For many top Google ads agency Sydney experts, this is a good way to gain competitive advantage especially in times when the competition is really tough.

Final Word

One of the good things about the new Google Ads Insights page is the pretty dependable data that you will get. It is best to take a look at the page each time you go through an account and make optimisations. Paid search is good because it is continuously changing. Some search terms will continuously deliver volume monthly but new queries will come up amidst the development of new trends and information.

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