5 Ways Facebook Dynamic Ads Can Facilitate your Online Marketing Initiatives

5 Ways Facebook Dynamic Ads Can Facilitate your Online Marketing Initiatives

Social media channels are one of the key elements to successful digital marketing. These are effective as they offer other sources of traffic and leads to your web pages. For those that have newly launched e-commerce business app or website, the best seo company Sydney will recommend to link their social media accounts to their sites. It is important in terms of optimising the site’s audience exposure.

One of the popular social media tools to leverage in ecommerce is the Facebook Dynamic Ads. It is innovative and advanced and has great potential to expand your client base.

Here are the five ways how this technology can push your digital marketing plans.

What can Facebook Dynamic Ads Do For Your Online Marketing Initiatives?

Personalise the Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads is a machine learning technology. Designed to match your business objectives to the targeted audience without the need to explicitly program and monitor it, your digital marketing strategy staff can work more on other SEO strategies.

It automatically gathers data such as age, gender, any form of engagement like the likes and ad clicks, of consumers which businesses need to gain insight on the best ways to target consumers. On top of that, the dynamic ads are personalised in a way that they respond to the needs of consumers and are cost-effective to advertisers..

Generate Traffic

The Facebook Dynamic Ads format is designed to facilitate the desired outcome of advertisers or Sydney SEO experts to generate traffic to their website or app. The ad will appear or be visible to shoppers who have already expressed interest in a similar product or service in the same niche even if these customers haven’t visited your website or your app before. 

Sale Completion

Another benefit from Facebook Dynamic Ads is it delivers specific ads to customers who have abandoned the shopping cart. The customer who has already shown interest in the product will be reminded to go back to the seller’s website or app to pay and check out.  It is designed to provide a better experience to both the shopper and seller by making the process easier in turning shoppers into buyers.

Promote Relevant Products

The Facebook Dynamic Ads machine learning technology will choose the products or services to promote to a specific customers’ preference.  Once your SEO Sydney experts have uploaded the products or services to an existing e-commerce platform like Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, you can easily integrate it into your Facebook product catalogue. It will then allow Facebook to have access to your other products that it can show to the interested shoppers.

Easy To Manage Catalog

Facebook Dynamic Ads features self-service tools where companies can simply create their template for a single ad, carousel or collection format.  This special feature also allows users to have different creative options and set up campaigns for a specific duration.

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