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8 Key Ingredients to Create an SEO-Friendly Website for Law Firms

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People use various terms in their search to look for solutions to various legal issues, find the contact details of the top law firms, and compare them with one another. A creative and strategic approach is necessary for law firms if they want to draw more and more clients. This is why it is very important to have an SEO-friendly webpage. With help from the best SEO company Sydney, law firms can significantly boost their odds of being contacted by potential clients through better search rankings. Here’s a closer look at the main elements of an optimised law firm website.

Research the top keywords

Any good SEO strategy begins with researching for all the best keywords. The same thing is also true for the highly competitive legal trade. If a law firm can find keywords with low to mid competition but with high search volume, it can easily draw potential clients to its website. Highly targeted keywords can be added strategically to the content of its website.

Create SEO-friendly design for your website

When we talk about SEO, the website’s structure and how users can easily navigate it are very important. It is easier to have more clients if the loading time of your website is fast as they can easily find the information which they need. According to experts working for a top SEO company near me, some of the best practices include the use of call-to-action buttons, an optimised load speed, as well as the use of clear images and simple fonts.

Use a strong branding

Strong branding is a rarely mentioned ingredient of an SEO-friendly website for law firms. Create a pleasing website with elements like a professional logo and high quality photos. Branding also covers the messaging, fonts as well as brand colours. A well-integrated brand messaging and visual branding can give your law firm a competitive advantage. This is key to make your law firm look professional and reputable.

Build a structurally sound website

This is the technical part of SEO that is very important because it can make your website function smoothly and make it available for search engine crawling. A website will find it extremely hard to obtain a higher ranking if it is not structurally sound. Users will also find it difficult to move around your website. Because this is one of the most confusing parts of website optimisation, it is best that you contact the leading SEO experts near me for more details.

Integrate the researched keywords into your webpages

The main objective behind on-page optimisation is to incorporate the focus keywords into your site. This will tell search engines and users what every page is all about. The basic steps include the use of a primary keyword, searching for keywords that are similar to the primary keyword as well as the adding of external and internal links. 

Off-page SEO

This tactic basically deals with SEO that is happening away from your webpages. This thing involves link building, review generation and local optimisation for law firm websites. A law firm can boost its search ranking by submitting its Google My Business profile to Yellow Pages, Bing Places and other established directories. Experts from the best SEO company Sydney adds that obtaining positive reviews from clients is big because it could be a deciding factor when clients are looking for a reputable law firm.

Turn online traffic into real clients

When creating a website, a law firm can boost the odds of converting online traffic into real clients through conversion optimisation. Just think of what experiences your clients would love when they visit your site. The best practices include having an easy and simple menu for navigating the page, adding a Contact Us tab, and linking the main menu to all the most important pages.

Multichannel strategy for marketing

To maximise the value of your content, it is best to use a multichannel marketing strategy. Send out your most recent blogs through email or post them through various social media platforms. Create marketing content that is optimised for search engines and highly interesting for potential clients.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.