4 Simple Ways to Improve Human Readability of Your SEO Content

4 Simple Ways to Improve Human Readability of Your SEO Content

When writing content for SEO purposes, there is a tendency for us to focus more on the technical side of things such as ranking for keywords. Without a doubt, this is a very effective way of generating more traffic to websites. However, we should keep in mind not to take for granted the nontechnical aspects such as human readability. Instead of writing for Google, experts from the best SEO agency Sydney recommend writing more for the readers as it could eventually enhance algorithmic readability as well. Here are some of the simplest ways to boost content readability for SEO.

1. Do not use clickbait titles

People are very much familiar with how things work on the Internet these days. Dramatic titles may have worked before, but they would simply ignore such things today and just continue scrolling. Likewise, they are likely to skip over items with greatly exaggerated anticipation of how readers would react. It is still okay to retain some kind of title showmanship. However, make sure to keep things realistic. Additionally, be sure to only create expectations that you will meet. Be creative when making headlines.

2. Refrain from stuffing the content with keywords

When you stuff the content with keywords, it would be very hard to find the useful information within the content. This will become an obstacle for readers who want to find something useful and important in your content. According to an expert working for a leading SEO company in Sydney Australia, keyword stuffing happens when the same keywords are repeated in every other phrase.

3. Stop making too many paragraphs

As readers, it can be seriously distracting to find micro-paragraphs whenever an email or blog post is written. When someone starts writing, the tendency is to suddenly cut off the flow of thoughts. The good thing about this problem is that it is very easy to correct. According to the best SEO Sydney experts, make it one of your writing goals to be extra mindful of pressing the ‘Enter’ button to cut an ongoing thought by creating a new paragraph. Do not make a new paragraph if you think that there is really no need to create one.

4. Stop writing too many how-to content

We are no longer in high school. Keep in mind that what you are writing is not a high school course work. There is no need to write unnecessary and repetitive sentences just to bulk things up until a specific number of words is reached. According to professionals working for the best SEO agency Sydney, there is no need to overly explain tasks that are quite simple because it would just complicate things further. In order to respect your time as well as your readers’ time, make it a habit to make everything as simple as possible.

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