3 Key Marketing Statistics to Consider in the Post-Pandemic World

3 Key Marketing Statistics to Consider in the Post-Pandemic World

At the height of the pandemic, we saw many statistics about increasing growth rates as well as drastic declines as the behaviours of people quickly changed. Going through half of 2021, things seem to have stabilised with many new things that we can consider as the new normal. According to some of the best SEO company Sydney experts, here are the top statistics that advertisers and marketers should closely examine and act upon especially in these post-pandemic times.

1. Nearly 8 hours – the amount of time people spend on digital media on the average everyday

As people spend more time on digital media, the opposite is true for traditional advertising platforms such as magazines, newspapers, radio and television. However, this is still not bad for the latter considering that people still spend an average of about 5.5 hours on them daily. This means that marketers should not rely only on online presence. In order to succeed, every marketer needs to establish a multi-channel online presence to stay relevant in the minds of potential clients.

Experts from a top SEO company near me recommend investing in displaying ads, social ads, search ads and other forms of paid advertising. They also advise marketers to set up a lead-generating website to be designed by professionals. They also endorse the setting up of online listings that are consistent, accurate and complete.

2. Social media and paid search – the only channels with positive pandemic growth rates

This only shows how confident advertisers are with social media and paid search. As the most competitive channels, other advertisers should jump in and do their very best to optimise the available tools. According to top SEO experts near me, this is the best time for marketers to test drive the Insights page and other new features of Google Ads. They also recommend LinkedIn Website Demographics when creating their business-to-business ads.

3. Global digital advertising spending to increase to $389 billion this year

Compared to last year, the 2021 digital ad spending will grow by 17 percent. In order to keep up with the competition, marketers would have to spend more than what they were spending in the past. They have to put more time and effort in their ads so that the additional dollars they are spending would not just go to waste. Experts from the best SEO company Sydney suggest that marketers should ensure the proper use of ad scheduling. By doing so, they can stop wasting precious ad spending funds and reach their customers at the best time possible. Advertisers should also avoid mistakes in doing Facebook ads such as optimising and over-segmenting for the wrong objectives.

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