4 Simple Steps to Boost SEO Using Google Search Console

4 Simple Steps to Boost SEO Using Google Search Console

Basically a free platform, Google Search Console is extremely useful for SEO specialists and marketers. Aside from its use in monitoring and analysing SEO performance, it is also being used to determine and fix various page performance and technical issues. The end result is a more search-engine friendly website. 

People who only use Google Search Console every once in a while cannot use the full potential of its tools and metrics. To make the most out of this wonderful tool, you have to transform the data containing valuable information about the clicks and overall impressions into strategic SEO decisions. Here are some tips from leading Sydney SEO professionals on the use of Google Search Console to increase website traffic.

Confirm right away if Google understands your targeted keywords

Publish high quality content which spotlights the expertise and knowledge of your brand in a given niche. This is the best strategy to increase the overall count of targeted search queries that are ranked for by your website. You do not have to wait for 30 days. SEO Sydney experts confirmed that Google Search Console can be used to immediately confirm that the content is ranking for the targeted keyword phrases.

Investigate if Google crawled and indexed your webpages

Search engine spiders should properly crawl and index web pages before they can rank for important search terms. According to experts from the top SEO company Sydney, the best way to know if pages have been crawled and indexed is to use Google Search Console. It is also used to see if Google detected changes that will affect SERP rankings such as sitelinks and breadcrumbs.

Repair page performance and technical issues

Aside from using high-quality content to boost Google ranking, a website’s technical performance greatly affects the visitors’ perception as well as Google’s trust in a business. The crawlers of Google are checking if the pages are fast loading and responsive. Furthermore, the pages should also deliver quality user experience. It can be daunting to fix a website’s technical issues especially for those who do not have extensive experience and knowledge of fixing a website’s backend. To simplify the process, site owners can use Google Search Console to spot and fix page performance and technical issues which could affect their positions and keyword rankings.   

Use the platform’s daily rank tracking to run SEO A/B tests

Now that your web pages’ performance, mobile usability and security are able to match Google standards, the Google Search Console can be used to conduct A/B tests on various optimisations. According to top Sydney SEO professionals, this can help because it can boost the average position of each and every keyword. Google Search Console’s daily keyword tracking can be used to quickly confirm the success of these optimisations.

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