Top New Trends in Content Marketing for 2021

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There have been so many things that happened in the world of SEO to begin the year and it is best to be updated with all the relevant changes. This can help content marketers in their planning so they can make the most out of the benefits from all these recent developments. We asked some top Sydney SEO agency experts and here are what they have to say about the recent trends in content marketing for this year.

Rise of Content Marketing Communities

With an even greater focus on personalisation in recent years, the marketing world has been pushing for the creation of content marketing communities. This effort will open up channels that will enable marketing teams to widen their scope on content creation and sharing despite the limited available resources. According to an expert in SEO services Sydney, the expanded reach is not only good for increasing brand awareness but also for nurturing a sense of community with potential customers.

Boom in Live Webinars and Video Content

The use of webinars and video content will continue to increase especially with the live events being down in recent years. A consultant working for a leading Sydney SEO agency said that video is an effective and fast communication channel to educate audiences and to deliver a message. This is the main reason why the use of live video and video marketing are expected to increase this year. Video marketing is the best and fastest way for customers to get the information that they need.

Tighter Focus on Core Services and Products

In addition to an improved content experience, the stronger focus on content about core services and products is another trend in content marketing. Partly, this major development is influenced by the conservative marketing plans or limited resources. Companies are expected to tighten their belts in the following six to nine months. The eyes of content marketers will be set directly on core topics as well as key buyer personas. This is valuable as it can help in  understanding more the ROI of content marketing. 

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Content Marketing

For years, experts in content marketing have been forecasting the emerging importance of AI. This particular trend is set to take off this year especially with the development of tools which utilises AI to gather information and generate full blogs, captions and summaries. If you want to know more about these special tools, feel free to contact the leading provider of SEO packages Sydney.

Higher Quality SEO

A content marketing expert said that a stronger SEO is expected to be a vital part of this year’s industry. More time will be devoted in looking into keyword research and establishing a stronger SEO tactic. The search for long-tail opportunities will play a bigger part in next year’s content strategy.

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