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Boost Online Traffic With Less Writing: New Content Marketing Strategies

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Boost Online Traffic With Less Writing: New Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing Strategies

Aside from writing content, there are other innovative and special ways to increase traffic to your website. These new content marketing strategies are worth considering especially given how they can contribute to the overall success of your website. Here are what a leading SEO specialist Sydney has to say about the other content marketing strategies that require less writing.

Use Videos

Utilising videos as a marketing tool is expected to grow more every year since 2019. Businesses are now well aware of the benefits of adding videos to their marketing strategies. In recent years, we saw an extensive growth in the number of marketers that have added Facebook and YouTube channels to promote their services and products.

Get Rid of Throwaway Headlines on Social Media

When creating posts on social media, it is best to ditch careless headlines that are nothing but helpful. According to an online marketing Sydney expert, social media posts should be treated like paid advertisements. You are more likely to take good care of your social media posts if you know that you have to pay for them.       

Social Influencers for Marketing

Businesses are usually spending on credibility whenever they hire the services of social influencers for product marketing. They are paying for the audience’s trust which they have yet to obtain for the time being. By doing this, they can save precious hours of nurturing, exposure and targeting the audience.

Outreach is a key factor to consider when gauging the social influence of an individual. According to a leading Sydney SEO agency, there are numerous tools available when looking to measure something like this. You can start sending out emails once you have determined the market’s major players.

Allot Some Funds for Paid Promos

You can try exploring a number of free options before resorting to paid promotions. However, paid promotion on social media is still the quickest route to bring content directly to potential customers. This is the best option in case there is a budget because you can manage the audience. In short, you can send the blogs directly to the social feeds of the most suitable readers.

An SEO specialist Sydney recommends serving the blog posts with the most traffic to individuals who have visited the previous blogs over the last 30 days. Aside from the chance to build brand loyalty, this also gives them tailored content based on their previous consumption.

Provide Relevant Comments

The comment section is a good place to demonstrate authenticity. Because this section is usually filled with spam links and other forms of irrelevancy, providing a relevant comment will send a message to readers that the content is indeed valuable. Look for blogs that would benefit from your resource and add a meaningful commentary.

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