Post-COVID Strategies to Boost Google Ad Campaigns

Post-COVID Strategies to Boost Google Ad Campaigns

The highest point of the COVID-19 pandemic is now over and we are still facing uncertain times. As we pick up the pieces and go on with our lives, this is probably the best time to enable once again the things which we may have put off before during the peak of COVID-19. When it comes to business, Google Ads campaigns are very important and this is also a very good time to get them started once again in case they have been put to stop for whatever reason. According to top Sydney SEO experts, here are some strategies that will surely help if you are planning to resume a Google Ads campaign, start a new one or just thinking about ramping up an existing campaign.

Existing metrics and goals must be aligned with your bidding strategy

First, make sure that you assign a bidding strategy to your Google Ads campaign. Next you have to align this strategy with your current metrics and goals. For instance, a Target cost-per-action (CPA) and other conversion-based strategies may not work without the most recent Google conversion data. The same is true if your existing data is not aligned with a Target CPA that you previously set. Remember that Target CPA and similar bidding strategies have a required minimal historical information before they can be used. For those who are aiming to start new with minimal data, a beginner Smart Bidding strategy or manual strategy may work best for you. If you need any professional advice, contact the leading SEO Sydney experts in your area.

Revisit the location targeting of your Google Ads campaign

The reach of your Google Ads campaign and how much it would cost are affected by the way you set up the location targeting of your campaign. For instance, your pre-COVID target covered all of Australia because of a bigger budget. Now, the budget may be smaller so you may have to limit the target to priority cities or states. In short, you must ensure that the targeting of location is perfectly aligned with your existing budget and goals.

Add new keywords and stop the underperforming ones

It is such a waste to spend your budget or impressions on keywords that are not actually fit with the metrics and theme of your current Google Ads campaign. An expert from a top SEO company Sydney suggests that underperforming keywords should be paused while the performing ones should be aligned with your current goals. Aside from keeping a campaign organised, doing this will ensure that your money does not go to waste and is instead spent wisely on performing keywords. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find out some of the top post-COVID keywords.

The popular things in Google searches are constantly changing. It is very much possible that the pandemic may have significantly altered the needs and priorities of consumers. As part of an effective Sydney SEO strategy, you can use the tool called Google Trends to identify what topics or keywords people are interested in within a specific geographic location.

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