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Top 5 SEO Trends for Dentists, Lawyers, and Restaurants

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SEO is essential for website owners and businesses of all sizes, including restaurants, lawyers, and dentists. SEO increases your website’s visibility in the SERPS that helps to boost the traffic to your website. Google makes changes in its algorithm every day, and it can greatly affect your websites’ search traffic for better or worse. In order to cope up with Google’s updates, you need to adjust your strategy and optimise your content. So, how is SEO going to change in 2020? The ads will rule the SERPs than organic search results.

Let’s take a closer look into the top SEO trends you’ll be seeing in 2020:-

Keyword research is more important than ever

Search engines, especially Google, have evolved into an answering engine than being a search engine. Even though the way the keywords were used in web pages has changed, keyword research still remains as the backbone of your SEO strategy. Be it SEO for dentists, or SEO for lawyers, focus on keyword research as they are a primary factor for rankings. Use various tools such as Goolge keyword planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest to prepare your master keyword. Use keywords that result in more clicks than searches.

Site’s engagement metrics

Engagement metrics determine the effectiveness of your content. The search engines measure the engagement metrics of your website to evaluate the quality of your content and then rank accordingly. The time on page, bounce rate, comments, click to call, return visits, and social shares are the engagement metrics that you need to focus on for ranking high in SERPs. The content that an influencer validates will receive more shares and higher engagement. Thus, search engines will see your brand as trustworthy, and it results in higher traffics, conversions, and rankings.

BERT update by Google

In late December 2019, Google update rolled out and many sites witnessed a negative impact due to it. Google will mainly focus on the quality of the content, keywords, content relevancy, and user intent. The goal of this update is to provide relevant search results to the users. So, the only way to overcome BERT update is to create high-quality content.

Mobile SEO

Optimise your site for mobile-first and then make it compatible for desktop. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you need to act right away. Since most of the time, people will find your website via mobile; optimise your website based on it. Study the mobile SERPs to know what kind of traffic you can expect and what kind of optimisation will be successful at impacting the bottom line.

Structured data

Algorithms don’t understand the content completely. So you need to give search engine hints to understand your content and deliver the results based on the search. Structuring the data in a way that helps search engines to not only better understand your content on your page but also how each element relates to other elements on the page is crucial. When done right, structured data is your marketing data layer as it will allow you to publish your content for any search engines with context to your customers across any surface.

Be it SEO for dentists or SEO for restaurants; experts at TOP SEO Sydney will analyse your websites SEO score and provide you with a carefully measured custom SEO plan.

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We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.

Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.