The Effects of Voice Search on SEO

The Effects of Voice Search on SEO

With every New Year, some new changes and developments can shift the boundaries of the SEO landscape. Adapting to these changes is a challenge in digital marketing, and it can have a tremendous effect on how people use the internet. According to SEO Sydney experts, Google changes its algorithm once or twice in a day, but major ranking fluctuations occur rarely.

With the expanded use of mobile phones and personal assistants like Alexa, voice queries have become a popular trend these days. Unlike a regular Google search, voice searches are a two-way conversation that allows the user to get solutions in real-time. When the voice search was launched initially, people didn’t show any interest in it. A research report from 2013 indicates that 85% of iOS users said they didn’t use Siri. But, today, the trend has changed.

According to Google, 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search more than once in a day. This increase in adoption clearly indicates how voice search is going to impact your SEO strategy. When it comes to voice queries, it’s all about natural language and the intended meaning, rather than using keywords a certain number of times in your content.

Features of Voice Search

Search Query Length

In 2021, voice search is going to place a great impact on your SEO marketing strategy and your search results. The data published by Microsoft after the launch of Cortana indicated that the successful voice queries that get more impressions and clicks contain only two or three words. Based on the paid and organic reporting of Google in Adwords, there is no major change in the word count or character count. But, we have just adopted the voice search, and we can expect these queries to look more descriptive and specific in the future.

The Usage of the Question Phrases

The professionals from a leading Sydney SEO agency hint that people use question phrases words such as “who,” “what,” “where,” “when” and “how” in their voice search queries. They also agree that the usage of these conversational words gives search engines a much higher chance to find out the intent of the searcher. This helps webmasters to tailor their content to meet the voice search requirements and improve search results.

Local-based Voice Search

With Google maps and other local SEO services in Sydney, Google is giving more importance to local businesses. Local SEO is going to be an integral part of the future SEO, and getting your local business revamped for the voice search is crucial. According to a survey, mobile voice search for local business is thrice higher than local-based text search. This provides huge opportunity for businesses to change their business strategy and improve local presence.

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