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With the New Year already upon us, people are in the constant race of finding the expected trends for their respective industry. SEO is not an exception! The professionals from SEO agencies are updating their clients with the latest advancements and improvements in SEO to help them improve search rankings and succeed in 2021. From voice search to mobile SEO, business owners are getting help from their SEO marketing company in Sydney to implement the changes and stay on the track. If you are one among them, don’t miss out on featured snippets – a big opportunity to improve clicks and sales.

What Is a Featured Snippet?

Have you noticed a box of content on the search engine result page that features the essential information for the search query you have typed? These special boxes that appear at the top of Google’s search results are the featured snippets that provide fields on information relevant to the user’s query. According to a Sydney SEO agency, featured snippets are crucial to improve the click-through-rate for high-volume keywords.

The featured snippets show up in a variety of ways including,

  • Paragraph format
  • List format
  • Table format
  • Answer boxes and more

In January 2020, Google rolled out the featured snippet deduplication update which removed your featured page from the Google’s organic search results. In simple words, instead of 11 organic listings per page, Google features 10 listings with the featured snippet being counted as #1 organic position. It provides you with a great opportunity to bring your brand forward in front of your competitors.

An Action Plan to Get Ranked in Google’s Featured Snippets

  • Identify the low-performing landing pages and refine the content by expanding the keywords and content. Similarly, find out the high-performing landing pages and check whether you have missed any keyword opportunities.
  • Restructure your on-page content with header tags such as h2, h3, and more. One of the best approaches to follow is to create your h2 in a question format and including your target keyword.
  • Improve your on-page SEO in Sydney by diagnosing any SEO problems and fixing the penalties.
  • Add a FAQ page to your website that helps your customers find more information about your products and services. Try to provide complete, straight-forward answers in short paragraphs.

Final Wrap

Like any other Google feature, featured snippets will continue to evolve in 2021. If you focus on serving the right content to search query resulting in user satisfaction, it’s high time to research and uncover new ways to leverage these techniques to improve the SERPs. Contact your Sydney SEO agency for more information.

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