How will Google AMP change your SEO in 2016

This August, Google’s long standing AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is being expanded to include more organic results. Given the huge focus on the quality of content over a decade now, this doesn’t look like much of a change in the first. However, it can become a major change in how online experiences are handled. Google had already launched it ‘Mobilegeddon’ update last year and a sequel to it in 2016 to reward online websites that cater to the demands of the mobile crowd. AMP will take the revolution further.

So, how will AMP affect your SEO strategies?

AMP is a rather new concept and it won’t be surprising if this is the first time you have been hearing the term! Well, AMP was launched in October 2015 as a means to improve the experience of mobile web dramatically. You can think in the lines of Facebook Instant Articles, wherein unnecessary web elements are stripped away from the picture to make the content more relevant to the user. Doing away with the JavaScript also ensure that the loading time gets faster. As of today, more than 150 million websites have already adopted AMP in their mobile versions.

The advantages with AMP doesn’t come as a boost in your search rankings – Google hasn’t promised any such thing as of yet. However, it is factors like loading time, website speed and a better user experience will definitely encourage the audience to come back again and again, thereby adding to your traffic. Plus, going with the history of Google updates, early adopters of AMP will definitely get more advantage as users get more aquatinted with the same.

AMP is being offered as an open source framework and shouldn’t cost you much time of effort. You can either choose to work with an experienced designer or take help from Google itself 1. The future of AMP is still unclear but Google seems to be taking it quite seriously. We can even expect AMP to take new forms, either as a simple addition to websites or as a ranking signal or both. With mobile audiences getting more attention and favor from Google over the past few years, AMP is here to stay.

What should you be doing?

Google has always been constantly changing the rules of SEO and opting for AMP can indirectly influence your page rank. AMPs will always get more clicks and less number of bounces and will be determined as a “valuable page for users”. Today, when most mobile users are turning to Google for any type of search, AMP will become an essential tool to findability, ranking and automatically, your web success. This necessitates that you start putting in serious focus into the game!

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