The Latest Update on “The Google Possum” Algorithm

Thinking what’s happening with local search engine rankings, right now? Following Google’s latest algorithm update, Possum, you may have noticed some large fluctuations in your rankings for local search.

Wondering What Possum is? Google’s new algorithm update “Possum”, is designed to filter out duplicate and spam results in the Local Listings & in Google Maps in an attempt to provide more quality and diverse results for people searching for a local business or service.

In a nutshell, the update is known for:

  • Emphasize more importance on the physical location of the searcher, so that users searching from different areas may encounter different results.
  • Be more acute when it comes to variations between keywords, meaning that abbreviations or alterations of certain phrases may yield different results on SERPs.
  • Widen the gap between local and organic filters, meaning once again that physical location holds more importance when it comes to local searches.
  • Filter local results that share the same address, so those who share an office with other people may be subject to filtering.

Some businesses have seen huge jumps in search engine ranking due to Possum Update and some businesses, marketers, and SEO consultants in Sydney who stay abreast in SEO strategies gain a major competitive advantage.

So to stay safe from the current and the upcoming Google updates, your businesses need a well-rounded local search marketing strategies that includes: building citations, genuine reviews, social media marketing and content marketing. If you’re ready to re-strategize your business strategy to face the challenges of 2017, contact the SEO Company in Sydney.

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