These 5 Link Building Techniques Might Not Work Anymore

These 5 Link Building Techniques Might Not Work Anymore

Link building is one of the common techniques marketers execute to better their search engine optimisation in Sydney. Time and time again, link building has been proven effective in boosting search rankings. However, there are certain link building practices that Google does not appreciate at all. Here are 5 such link building techniques that you need to stop working on.

EDU Link Building:

This link building tactic involves getting a paid link in return for a link. One of such examples is offered discounts for university students in exchange for links. They would provide instructions with keywords to be used and how to hyperlink to the product pages. The website was then banned by Google back in 2011. Therefore, it is advisable not to proceed with discount link building anymore.

Content Marketing in Exchange for Incentives:

There are different forms of content marketing tactics provided by affordable SEO services in Sydney that are legitimate. One of them is guest posting. However, if a content marketing process involves monetary payment, it is done for advertisement and is against the guidelines published by the FTC.

Historical Data Linking:

Some website administrators choose to add a link to an existing web page. But here’s the thing. Google maintains snapshots of the web, which also includes that of linking patterns. This means that it has a strong algorithm that could track link additions and removals. Hence, the search engine can identify how many links are added to a webpage, how often links are added, and how often links are removed from a webpage as well.

Even though website goes through several changes, spammy additions or removal of links is to be avoided. Therefore, trying to add links that direct to previously published articles is a mistake that could affect your ranking.

Offering Freebies in Exchange for Links:

This is another form of paid link. Some businesses will adopt the method of offering samples or products for free, in exchange for publishing reviews. This is against the FTC rules and is a form of endorsement that is not ideal for your business.

Viral Link Building:

Viral link building has been useful for marketers as it is laser targeted to the right audience, who would convert and become buyers. This will generate links from relevant webpages.

However, it could be a mistake when you overdo it. Sometimes viral link campaigns such as viral contests might not lead to the creation of relevant links, and Google does not value irrelevant links. However, if the link directs the user to a topic related to the viral campaign, then it will help rank the website for the topic in question and possibly improve its search engine optimisation in Sydney.

Imagine news organisation and online media publications linking to a toy retailer’s webpage that’s about the world’s biggest teddy bear. Even though the website has received thousands of links, they will not help the retailer website rank for important product search queries, as such links only point to the topic about the biggest teddy bear.

When you hire a proficient SEO agency in Sydney, they will help improve ranking of your website by implementing the latest link building techniques that are Google-friendly. Get in touch with the professionals today.

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