Prioritise these 4 Important On-Page SEO Factors for Better Ranking

Prioritise these 4 Important On-Page SEO Factors for Better Ranking

We know that with each passing day, search engines, specifically Google continues to adopt new algorithms when it comes to search rankings. This could also be why, despite applying some SEO best practises, websites still do not get the results they are looking for. Regardless of the number of changes that occur with such algorithms, always remember to prioritise the following on-page SEO factors in your strategy:


As always, content is the king. But having sufficient content isn’t the only determinant for better ranking. As per Ahrefs study, a whopping 91% content do not generate traffic. This is why understanding user intent is important, and that your content must be relevant to the same.

To optimise your content, understand the intent of the keywords – is it informational, navigational, or shopping. See what types of content are ranking for the keywords, and then optimise your content with those terms included. Also remember to organise your content with SEO tags. SEO experts in Sydney suggest that optimising title and header tags by integrating keywords into them will help.

Technical SEO:

Don’t overlook the elements of technical SEO in Sydney when you want better rankings. For websites to be crawled by search engines, you need to submit sitemap. Always make sure that you have created a sitemap for your website and submitted it manually through Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Any pages that need not be crawled shall be blocked by keeping them in the disallow file of robots.txt file.

Migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS protocol, because this is also a ranking factor of Google. Get in touch with your hosting provider or contact an SEO company in Sydney that can seamlessly do it for you.

User Engagement:

User engagement is one of the most important factors for improved rankings, because if your visitors don’t find your website appealing, you will hardly get any traffic in the future. If your website is well designed, smooth enough to navigate, and has content that’s easy to engage with, they can occupy top positions of SERPs.

Check out the metrics such as pages per session (number of pages users visited before leaving your website), and bounce rate (the rate at which people visit a webpage and leaves without navigating to other webpages) for a better insight.


Interlinking is another relevant on-site SEO factor meant to improve your ranking. This includes link building, crawlability, and content. Deep linking is a popular SEO practise that has been helpful for websites. All you need to do is to interlink pages having similar topics, with high authority webpages. This way, the lower pages will obtain some authority from higher authority webpages.

These are some of the most effective strategies of SEO in Sydney that will boost rankings and traffic for your website. An experienced SEO professional will be able to assist you with the aforementioned tasks and even more. Get in touch with the experts for SEO assistance.

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