How Can I make my Adwords Campaign Effective?

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Are you looking to steer qualified leads to your website? Google Adwords is the best marketing tool to improve the ROI of your business. Research studies confirm that businesses that used Google AdWords generated an average revenue of $2 for every single dollar invested in the Google Ads campaign. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot for your Google Adwords campaign. Even if you have a small daily budget, you can make the most out of it without being wasted. Yes, a well-optimised PPC campaign is an excellent way to increase the conversions and the ROI. Moreover, your products will appear at the top of the page #1 of Google for relevant search terms. Whereas, a poorly optimised PPC campaign, might cost you more than the returns.

Here are a few tips from the experts at Adwords agency Sydney that describes on ways to improve the chances of your AdWords campaigns to reach your target audience –

  • Focus on the Landing Page

The major goal of a PPC Sydney campaign is to make a sale, and not just to acquire clicks. Only a successful PPC ad will bring in qualified leads to your landing page. After that, it is the duty of the landing page to convert the prospective lead to a customer who pays for the product/service. So, your landing page must be well-optimised for PPC conversions. You must repeat whatever you mentioned on the ad in your landing page. After all, your customers were interested in your offer and were attracted by your ad. Thus, you have all chances to increase the conversion rate by presenting the same message with a clear Call to Action on your landing page.

  • Optimise your Campaign for Negative Keywords

By optimising for negative keywords, you indicate Google what your product is, and what is not. This way, you can prevent your ads from displaying for the keyword searches which doesn’t match with your customer’s intent. Augmenting the campaign based on the needs of the customers will help you save a lot of money on your campaign. If you are finding it hard to identify the negative keywords for your business campaign, get in touch with a Google ads agency Sydney to help you out.

  • Focus on Ad Extensions

To acquire a good position for the ads, marketers must focus on the important ad elements like –

  1. Site Link – A link that directs to the website with a simple description
  2. Location – An ad that has location and map is more inviting and reliable
  3. Callout – The ad must include promotions and offers
  4. Reach out – The potential buyers must be able to get in touch with business with a simple click of a button.

Ultimately, personalised ads with appropriate extensions are sure to bring in more click-through rates.

Tryout the above mentioned suggestions for your PPC campaigns, and your business is sure to witness more qualified leads with an increase in sales. If you require help with Google Ads, you can always get in touch with the Adwords agency Sydney, who will offer the best support and solution for your business!!

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