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Google Business Profile New Features to Power Up Your Local Presence Online

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The importance of a robust online presence cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to local businesses in Sydney looking to improve their Local SEO rankings. Google Business Profile (GBP) has long been a vital tool for businesses striving to enhance their visibility in local search results. Google has introduced some new and exciting features that promise to boost your online presence and help you stand out among your competitors. Here, our SEO Sydney experts list the latest enhancements and how they can empower your local business in Sydney.

Manage GBP Profile directly on Google

Your Google Business Profile is often the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. In 2023, Google has made it even easier to manage your GBP profile directly on their platform. Now you can:

View the latest reviews and star ratings – Monitoring customer reviews are a critical part of managing your online reputation. With this new feature, you can stay updated on what your customers are saying and respond promptly.

Respond quickly to your Google reviews – Swift responses to reviews can build trust with your audience. You can now address both positive and negative feedback efficiently.

Create Google Adsfaster and much easier – Advertising on Google just got more accessible. You can create and manage your Google Ads directly from your GBP dashboard, making it simpler to promote your products or services.

Create a Google post in a quick popup and promote your special offers – Keeping your audience informed about your latest promotions and special offers is crucial. With this feature, you can create and share posts with ease, ensuring that your customers are always up to date.

View Google analytics and insights – Understanding your online performance is key to making informed decisions. Now, you can access analytics and insights directly from your GBP profile, allowing you to track your online visibility and engagement.

Update your GBP listing – Your business details are vital for potential customers. In 2023, you can easily update your GBP listing, including essential information like your business name, phone number, business description, and business category.

Google My Business Messaging on Desktop

The ability to communicate with your customers seamlessly is crucial for any business. Google recognises this and has now introduced a new messaging feature for desktop users, which is often underutilised.

While messaging functionality was initially available in the GBP app, many businesses and account managers were not aware of its existence or simply didn’t use it. Google is addressing this by extending the chat option to the desktop dashboard.

This enhancement allows you to engage with your customers through the convenience of your computer. Responding to inquiries, addressing concerns, and providing information can now be done with ease, enhancing your customer service and boosting your online reputation.

Explaining How Messaging in Google Maps Works

Messaging on Google Maps provides another channel for businesses to connect with potential customers. When users find your business on Google Maps, they have the option to message you directly. This real-time communication can be a game-changer in converting potential leads into loyal customers.

In 2023, the feature continues to gain prominence, offering an opportunity for businesses in Sydney to interact with a broader audience and establish a strong online presence.

Wrapping Up

Google Business Profile’s latest features in 2023 are tailored to empower local SEO in Sydney, offering an array of tools to improve your local SEO rankings and enhance your online presence. By actively managing your GBP profile and leveraging the messaging capabilities, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and stand out in the competitive local market. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing these features and making them an integral part of your local SEO strategy. Your online success and local visibility will thank you for it. Contact us now to learn more about local SEO cost in Sydney.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.