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Google Ads in 2023 – Top 10 Crucial Updates You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Google Ads has always been a dynamic platform, with frequent updates and changes to its features. If you are trying Google Ads for your business, it’s important to be aware of the latest developments that can impact your advertising strategy. Here are the top 10 crucial updates you can’t afford to miss, especially if you’re working with a Google Ads agency in Sydney.

1. Cost per Lead Increases (Nearly) Across the Board

One of the significant changes in 2023 is the increase in cost per lead. This isn’t specific to any industry or location; it’s a trend that’s making waves globally. Advertisers are witnessing a rise in the cost of acquiring leads, which means it’s more important than ever to optimise your campaigns and target the right audience effectively.

2. Expanded Text Ads Meet Their End

Expanded text ads have been a staple of Google Ads in Sydney for years, offering advertisers more characters and flexibility. However, in 2023, Google is retiring expanded text ads in favour of responsive search ads. This shift emphasises the importance of creating dynamic, adaptable ad copy.

3. Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns Phase Out

Both Smart Shopping and local campaigns will be discontinued in 2023. These changes may impact businesses in Sydney that rely on local advertising strategies. It’s time to adapt and explore alternative options to reach your local audience effectively.

4. Similar Audiences Are Next

Similar audiences have been a valuable tool for targeting users with interests like your existing customers. In 2023, you’ll need to adjust your targeting strategy as Google phases out the use of similar audiences. This means finding new ways to expand your reach and connect with potential customers.

5. New Competitor Advertising Insights on the SERP

Google is introducing competitor advertising insights on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This feature will give you valuable data on your competitors’ ad campaigns, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage by making informed decisions and adjustments to your own ads.

6. Automotive Gets a New Ad Type

Google Ads has introduced a positive development in the form of Vehicle Listing Ads for car dealerships. Similar to Local Inventory Ads, these new ads prominently showcase car images, prices, conditions, and locations on the search engine results page. Microsoft Advertising has also introduced a similar format for local dealerships and other verticals like finance and travel. Managing these Vehicle Listing Ads closely resembles handling Shopping Ads and involves submitting and gaining approval for an active inventory feed through Google Merchant Centre, marking a significant shift from the previous strict vehicle policies on the platform.

7. New Business Name and Logo Ad Assets

Brand identity is essential in advertising, and Google Ads in 2023 is taking that to heart. Advertisers will have the opportunity to include business name and logo assets in their ad campaigns. This helps in creating a more visually appealing and recognizable ad presence.

8. New Voiceover Feature in Video Ads

Video ads continue to be a popular format, and in 2023, Google is introducing a new voiceover feature. This addition allows you to overlay voiceovers on your video ads, adding an extra layer of engagement and accessibility to your audience.

9. Audio Ads Hit YouTube and Smart Speakers

Audio advertising is expanding its reach in 2023. Google is integrating audio ads into YouTube and smart speakers, providing businesses in Sydney with new opportunities to engage with audiences through sound.

10. Broad Match Beta Test Leaves Us Uncertain

Google is running a beta test for broad match keywords, leaving advertisers uncertain about the future of this match type. It’s essential to stay updated on the developments related to broad match keywords to adjust your strategy accordingly. Google Ads in 2023 is undergoing significant changes that will impact businesses in Sydney and beyond. These updates require adaptability and a willingness to embrace new strategies. To navigate these changes effectively, consider working with an AdWords agency in Sydney, as their expertise can help you stay ahead in the ever-competitive world of digital advertising. Stay informed, remain flexible, and make the most of the opportunities that these changes bring to the table.

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We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.