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Factors that Impact Voice Search

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Factors that Impact Voice Search

Factors that Impact Voice Search

‘Voice Search’ has become a buzz word among digital marketers and is the newest hot topic in SEO. Today, with the easy availability of smartphone and other devices, people are using voice search more than ever. It has become a more convenience and hands-free way to search for information.

As a business expert looking for SEO for lawyers, real estate marketers, and more, you must be aware of different ranking factors that impact voice search. Since voice search is found to stay here for the future, you must learn how these factors affect the bottom line of your business. Understanding these factors will make your website remain competitive and discoverable by customers.


When it comes to SEO for healthcare or other niches, the pages that have high readability ranks better in search results. Search engine always ranks content that are well written and structured. So, voice search depends on answers that are easy to understand.

Quick Load Time

Page speed and quick load time of the webpage also influence voice search. According to SEO experts, “a search by voice tends to load in about half the time of a webpage search.” If the load time of your webpage is well-optimized, then your page will be delivered in a voice search. But, in the case of smartphones, the speed is little slower as the visual page load elements are also processed.

Word Count

Recent reports show that the word count of a voice search result hovers at around 41 words on average. It remains the same for different types of devices that allow voice search except for smartphones. Smartphones have a higher word count as the text can also be read. Supplying brief informative answers is a general rule for voice search.


In voice search queries, backlinks play a vital role as in any traditional desktop or mobile search. This is because the voice search relies on getting the most accurate and reliable information to rank highly.

SERP Feature

SERP feature includes things like,

  • Featured Snippets
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Top Stories
  • Reviews and
  • Answer Boxes

Most of the voice search results come from the SERP features, especially from features snippets and ask feature. If you rank well for a featured snippet or other SERP features, then you will surely rank high in voice searches.

High Search Rankings

For voice search queries, 98% of answers are taken from the first page of the search engine results. So, if you want to be found in voice search, aim to be in the first four positions within search engine rankings.

Other Ranking Factors

Other factors that play a little role when ranking in voice search is,

  • Schema
  • HTTPS and
  • URL depth

Understanding all the above factors help you to prepare an effective and successful voice search strategy for your business. Talk to our experts now to integrate voice search for your marketing campaign and streamline SEO for real estate agency and other niches.

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