Why to Have a Purpose Driven SEO Strategy

Why to Have a Purpose Driven SEO Strategy

Each year, Google releases more than 500 algorithm update, how can a website owner have a SEO strategy that can stand the test of time? Defining your websites purpose and objectives is not only the ranking factor but also having a SEO strategy that actually produces results. This might sound funny, but if you read the Google Search Quality Guidelines released in November 2015, it clearly states that the search quality evaluators are asked to figure out the site’s purpose.

Google itself defines a clear purpose and Matt Cutts, the former head of web spam stated that purpose in 2014, “We’re trying to return great search results for users.” Even if you ask your SEO firm in Sydney about this, they’ll ask you to create a purpose driven SEO strategy.

To build a purpose driven strategy, have a list of common page purposes including sharing information about the topic, sharing personal or social information, expressing an opinion or point of view, selling products or services and more. For website that has more than one purpose, defining the goal of each part of your site will help you choose the right path. Once you define the purpose of your website you must concentrate on other factors such as the purpose driven content, selecting the purpose driven keywords, purpose driven link building strategy and more.

If you feel difficulties in handling all, seek help of one of the reputable Sydney SEO firms to create a well-planned strategy for your clearly define website.  It will help you reach your goals, delight your customers and make your site link worthy.

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