5 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic in 2021

5 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic in 2021

SEO is indeed one of the best online marketing techniques that can bring more traffic and potential customers your way. Statistics reveal that about 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google every single day, with a majority of users relying on the results in the first page. So what does this mean? Your website must have a higher rank to get the best traffic. Here are 5 tips suggested by the SEO Sydney experts to achieve just that in 2021.

BERT Algorithm:

Since the implementation of Google’s BERT algorithm, natural language processing and machine learning are at the forefront of search. Google bots have been able to understand the intent of the user and deliver results relevant to the query.

For instance, the keyword ‘pizza’ provides information on the dish, whereas ‘pizza services’ gives you details on pizza restaurants. Before creating content, search using the target keywords to see what kind of results you get. This will help you understand the intent of that keyword and optimise content accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI tech has been revolutionising industries, and SEO is not an exception. The level of personalisation made possible by AI has been remarkable. Not to mention Google uses AI to deliver accurate search results to its users. Various companies have also been offering marketing products and solutions powered by AI, to help you get ahead in the game.

Video Marketing:

There’s been an explosive growth in video content consumption these days, and it’s no surprise that Google’s own YouTube is the second most popular search engine platform. This is the right time for your business to focus on creating video content for marketing. Create a channel on YouTube, optimise its name and description based on your target keywords, and post videos regularly. Use Google’s Autocomplete tool to see what keywords are ideal to optimise your video content.

Voice Search:

Millions of users worldwide use voice search on mobile devices. Since voice search is conversational, create or optimise content with long-tail keywords. People use this mainly to discover local businesses, or to get quick answers on certain topics. Voice search is a growing trend, so get in touch with affordable SEO services for help.

Core Web Vitals:

Google announced in 2020 that it’ll be using what’s known as Core Web Vitals that determine user experience based on three factors – Interactivity, Visual Stability, and Loading. Simply put, this is all about improving page speed of your website. Users stick around a website that loads fast, so use relevant page speed tools to measure how fast or slow your website is, or get the help of SEO Sydney experts to stabilise it.

These are some of the strategies to look into for driving more traffic to your website in 2021. The SEO prices in Sydney charged by professionals are quite reasonable, so talk to them for assistance.

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