4 Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Google Ads Campaign

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Google Ads is the primary advertising platform for most businesses, as it really works in creating awareness within their target audiences. It is necessary that you consistently optimise your Google ads campaign the right way, to make the most of your ad spent. A certified Google Ads agency in Sydney will be able to create and manage ads campaigns for you. Here are some of the essential tips from the experts to help you garner the best results from your ad campaigns:

Boost Quality Score by Increasing CTR:

Click through rate or CTR is one of the important metrics you need to concentrate upon. Even if you get good traffic from your ads, if it doesn’t meet the ad standards, you wouldn’t get the results you want. This is why having a good quality score is important. Better quality score means improved discoverability for your ads. Google ads experts use the right tools and techniques to increase CTR and thereby improve your ad’s quality score.

Check the Lost Impression Share:

To get the best results from your ad campaigns, it is necessary that you collect as much data as possible including impression share. To get information on impression share, all you need to do is to add the column ‘Search Lost IS’ in your ad groups and keywords reports. This will show you the amount of time your ad didn’t display due to poor budget or ranking. A Google Ads agency in Sydney uses relevant tools to measure your lost impression share, and devise appropriate strategies to improve your campaign.

Optimise Ads from Time to Time:

To make your ad campaigns really profitable and successful, frequent optimisation of your ads is necessary. Campaign optimisation includes scaling profitable keywords and removing the ones that are not delivering the required results. Optimisation also includes usage of ad extensions, modifying the budget, optimising the ad copy, and more. There are tools that you can use to modify or optimise your ad campaigns easily.

Set Keyword Match Types:

Setting keyword match types properly can make a great difference to your ad performance. Setting a specific keyword match type will help Google understand to what extent your ads should match with keyword searches. This influences your ad spent and ad conversion rates. Always remember when you choose a keyword match type, it should result in a good conversion rate and reasonable customer acquisition cost. A Google ads Sydney expert will be able to identify the best keyword match type for your campaign.

Follow the aforementioned tips to optimise your Google ad campaigns and get the best bang for your Buck. A professional Adwords agency in Sydney has the knowledge, experience, and tools required to improve the performance of your ad campaigns. Get in touch with the experts today for quality assistance on Google ads.

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