3 Types of Google Ads that Don’t require Keyword Targeting

3 Types of Google Ads

Posting Ads on Google’s SERPs (aka search ads) might be the one of the popular forms of online advertising there is, however that doesn’t mean that other kinds of advertising offered by the search engine giant is any less relevant. Expanding your digital advertising strategy is key to building your brand and attracting as much prospects as possible from all market segments. Here are other kinds of Ads that you could implement with Google Adwords, without the use of target keywords:

Display Ads:

There are over two million websites present on the Google’s display network that reaches 90% of the internet users around the world. There are different kinds of display ads such as text and banner ads that display on various websites, in apps, as well as YouTube.

Display advertisements are targeted not just based on keywords, but also on context. These ads display beside the type of content that is relevant to the same. Therefore, it is ideal to target on topics, demographics, and interests alongside keywords. Display ads could also be implemented with multiple targeting preferences based on the advertiser’s preferences.

Shopping Ads:

Shopping advertising campaigns in Google Adwords are dependent only on product feeds from merchants, instead of keywords. These ads will utilise the merchant centre product data, with which relevant results would be displayed based on users’ search queries. There are different kinds of shopping ads available:

  • Product shopping ads that uses the data from merchant centre feed. These display on the upper portion of the search results and shopping page of Google.
  • Showcase shopping ads, which allows merchants to organise similar products together, and let them view side by side.
  • Local catalogue ads, which uses feed data from local inventory ads on the Google Display Network.

Video Ads:

As the name suggests, these are video advertisements that show on YouTube as well as on the Google Display Network. Video ads on Adwords in Sydney also come in various formats that advertisers could choose from – skippable, non-skippable, bumper, overlay, and display ads.

Video ads on YouTube could be targeted in different ways based on basic or detailed demographics. Targeting is also possible with interests, remarketing, topic, devices, life events, affinity audiences (which refers to those having strong interest on a particular topic), and of course, keywords. Sometimes, it is ideal to avoid using keyword targeting on YouTube for improved results.

If you are ready to craft a digital marketing strategy without the use of keywords, make use of the above advertising formats offered by Google. You could get in touch with a PPC agency that has the knowledge and experience in trying out the aforementioned ad formats. They would let you know about the right format that suits your requirements and how you could achieve greater return on investment.

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