How Restaurants, Fashion and Other Retails Businesses can Use SEO to Get More Customers

Use SEO to Get More Customers

No matter how small or big your restaurant, fashion, or retail business is, the bulk of your customers are online. According to Forbes, potential customers will choose to patronize the restaurants, products, and services that show up on the first page of Google search results, more than 70% of the time. This means that your business needs good SEO strategies to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have a proper SEO for fashion, retail or restaurant business, then how would you capture more business?

Having an effective SEO strategy works only for big chains with massive marketing budgets and a tech-savvy staff is only a myth. Mastering SEO for restaurants and other small business is a cost-effective strategy to drive the right traffic to your website and increase the visibility of your business online.

So, here we’ve listed a few tactics to master SEO for your small business.

Claim ‘Google My Business’ Listing

Claiming ‘Google My Business’ listing for your small business will not directly impact on the content of your website but will improve your small business SEO. Most of the restaurant and retail owners have accepted that they have seen positive growth in their business rankings by claiming their business on Google. This has also led to an increase in online visibility that helped them to reach more local customers.

Update Your Address, Phone Number, Opening & Closing Times in Google Listing

Add up-to-date contact information, once you’ve finished claiming Google listing. This includes your basic information including address, phone number, menu (if you are running a restaurant business), fashion catalogue (if you are in the fashion industry) and business hours. Featuring menu or fashion catalogues helps the customers to make a more informed decision about your business. Log on to your Google business listing more often to ensure that your business information is up-to-date and accurate.

Claim Local Citations and Additional Business Listings

Claiming additional business listings in Yelp or other platforms related to your business will give you more ability to respond to or showcase customer reviews. It also helps you to improve the overall SEO for retail and boost your search engine rankings.

Title Tags

Including keyword phrases to the titles of individual pages is important as it impacts which page of the search results, your business website turns upon. So, use strong keyword phrases in your title tags and any “H1,” or headline, markup. Adding relevant keywords to the URL will also help your business to enter the top of the rankings.

Use Alt Text

Did you know Google will only give you credit for the words you use to describe these photos? Inject relevant keywords in the ‘Alt Text’ field in your content management system to describe your photograph. By doing so, you can improve your business SEO.

By generating regular new content and optimize it for keywords to help boost your rankings.

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