YouTube SEO – 6 Simple Tricks to help Your Channel Grow

YouTube SEO – 6 Simple Tricks to help Your Channel Grow

YouTube has been witnessing astronomical growth these past few months, even before lockdown was enforced due to the pandemic. People have been turning towards the video platform to watch tutorials, news, live shows, and more. There’s also been a consistent growth in the number of creators posting great content onto the platform. if you are an aspiring video content creator, these 6 YouTube SEO tricks will give your channel the exposure you want.

Identify Popular Videos in your Niche:

Look for popular channels posting video content similar to yours. Click the ‘Sort By’ button in the channel’s homepage and select the ‘Most Popular’ option. Check out what keywords, title, and description are being used in their most popular videos.

Optimise Video for SERPs:

You probably might have seen video recommendations on Google search. All you need to do is to use keywords that will make your video appear on the search engine results page. Remember that Google uses only specific keywords for search results. Check what keywords are used on videos that already show up in the SERPs.

Choose Less Competitive Keywords:

If you are new to YouTube, you wouldn’t want to immediately compete with the most popular content creators on the platform. Therefore, look for less competitive keywords and optimise your video for the same. This makes it easier for people to discover your content for certain queries. A reliable SEO company can help rank your videos this way.

Audience Retention is Key:

Besides making your videos discoverable, make sure that the content itself is engaging for the audience to watch. If people watch your videos till the end, YouTube will realise that the viewers are loving your content, and rank it higher accordingly. So, make sure that your video gives appropriate information, doesn’t have overwhelmingly long introduction, and clearly answers viewers’ queries while keeping them entertained at the same time.

Say your Keyword Out Loud!

YouTube transcribes everything you say with its speech recognition technology and display them as subtitles. If you say the target keyword in the video, the same will be added to the script, thus providing more potential for your video to rank higher and produce better SEO results.

Video Comments are Valuable:

Just like audience retention, viewer comments is another metric that YouTube considers for ranking your videos. This is why you should motivate your viewers to post comments or their thoughts on the video. Ask them to share their personal experiences or suggestions, and encourage good conversations.

Adopting these techniques will give you a head start in your YouTube journey. Getting expert advice and assistance on YouTube SEO should really help. Talk to an expert SEO specialist today, explore their SEO packages in Sydney, and execute a solid strategy to attain your goals.

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