4 Tips to Make Featured Snippet Work for You

4 Tips to Make Featured Snippet Work for You

Getting your content displayed on featured snippet is like a crowning achievement in SEO and online marketing in Sydney. It’s a great opportunity for websites to gain huge exposure and get to the top of the search engine results page. So how is this possible? Keep on reading to learn more:

What is a Featured Snippet?

Just in case you didn’t know, featured snippet refers to a summary of information that appears at the beginning of SERPs. The purpose of it is to provide an immediate answer to users’ specific query. With voice search gaining traction more than ever, it is important that you turn your attention to featured snippet. Google Assistant reads out whatever text is displayed in a featured snippet to a corresponding voice search query.

Optimising for Featured Snippet:

Here are some of the things that you can do to optimise your content for featured snippet:

  • Do not Write in First-Person Language:

According to an SEO specialist in Sydney, featured snippets are majorly useful for voice search in smart devices. Therefore, never write in first-person language, as this will only confuse the user. The information that is obtained from your website should be clear and general. For instance, if a user asks “what is search engine marketing?”, and the answer goes “Our search engine marketing service helps your business grow”, it won’t make any sense.

  • Include ‘What is’ to the Heading:

Analyse your content and see if you can add ‘what is’ to the heading. This certainly helps with voice search and featured snippet. Make sure that this heading is placed at the very top of the content. This not only makes sense to the reader, but also helps Google to identify and generate featured snippet from your post.

  • Don’t Add your Brand Name:

One of the biggest mistakes in featured snippet optimisation is including the company or brand name in the content. Doing so will only make it ineligible for featured snippet. Since featured snippets are meant to enhance the voice search experience, make sure that your content is presented in a way that it directly answers a user’s query.

  • Be as Concise as Possible:

The key to making a feature snippet successful is to present the information in a concise manner. An SEO specialist in Sydney recommends optimising the content in such a way that the answer is clearly explained in two to three sentences. Your first sentence should give a direct definition, with the second and third sentences describing relevant facts about the same. Make sure to use simple vocabulary throughout.

These are some of the ways with which you can optimise your content for featured snippet. Get in touch with the professional local SEO Sydney service, should you need any assistance with the same.

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