Here’s Why SEO Should be Done at the Beginning of a Project & Not in the End

Here’s Why SEO Should be Done at the Beginning of a Project & Not in the End

Most marketers are under the impression that performing SEO at the end of a project would work positively. SEO as an afterthought is never a good idea. Content marketers usually finish a blog, post the finalised marketing campaign and then decide to put the keywords into the content. This method, however, is outdated and ineffective as of today. SEO should always be the fundamental part of any project, right from the start. Here’s why SEO implementation at the beginning of a project is important and beneficial:

  1. Marketing begins with Keywords:

Content strategies always begin with keyword research. Keyword research will give an idea to the marketers as to what the requirements of the audience are. By identifying the needs of the customers, marketers can analyse which content is to be provided to help them find answers to their queries. Keywords will provide ideas for content creators to generate the right content catering to the target audience.

  1. Keyword Research Helps Define Content:

What: Performing keyword research will tell marketers as to which content has to be focused upon. For instance, one type of targeted keyword might focus on how-to guides & beginner level information whereas other type of keywords shall deal with product features and pricing comparison. This lets marketers to define the requisite type of content.

Who: Search results also lets marketers to decide the type of audience to be focused on. For instance, if search results are highly technical, the audience are likely to be individual contributors.

  1. SERPs help determine Google’s Ranking Preferences:

Analysing SERPs will determine what algorithm Google utilises for ranking. Marketers can take a look at the first page results to identify the ranking factors.

  • If most results involve video, it’s because most users searching for that keyword want videos.
  • If results include infographics, videos, tables and slideshows, it means people searching with that keyword require visual content.
  • If results mostly involve text content exceeding 3000 words, users are on the lookout for a detailed, informative content.

Improving Existing Content with SEO:

If you have already published your content before implementing SEO, fret not! You can still boost engagement and rankings by auditing existing content with SEO. Determine if the SEO content satisfies the customer requirement. See if the content is relevant enough for the audience.

Conducting keyword research after the content is written makes way for an ineffective SEO. For increased traffic, engagement and rankings, researching what the user requires and offering content that satisfies their needs is the key. Google will have all the necessary information as to how marketers can create relevant results. You can also deal with a professional SEO company in Sydney who can craft the most effective content marketing strategies for customers.

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