What to Do with Your Old Content? Improve or Remove It?

Content Quality

Corporate blogs became ‘the thing to do’ in around 2005, and big players in the business embraced it as it could drive in more traffic and organic sales. It is even considered as an additional stream of advertising income. Initially, blog posts were focuses on sheer bulk usage of keywords. But, today, the focus is shifted towards delivering high-quality, engaging content that offers more value and credit to your website.

Did you know your old content could be dragging down the overall “authority” of your website? This situation leaves the experts and content creators from the leading agencies that deliver excellent SEO services in a confused state. So, what should you do with your old content? Making the right decision can bring great rewards to your website in terms of traffic, organic search visibility, and more.

According to a recent research report, “the web was made up of about 130 trillion individual pages. But the Google Search index contains hundreds of billions of webpages – only a portion of the total pages available on the web.”

So, giving out only the best content, optimising it, and making it relevant is the new mission.

Removing Old Content?

Recently, Google has warned that removing content is a dangerous SEO strategy. So, what we’ve to do? Here are a few steps to follow:

Content Audit

Perform a content audit and segregate content into three categories – content that helps you, that meant nothing to you, that hurts you. After categorising the content, check for the following elements,

  • Is the title optimized?
  • Is the URL SEO friendly?
  • Is the author an expert in the field?
  • What is the number of reads?
  • Word count
  • Number of links and more

Content Quality

Analyse the content on your website for quality, and it can be determined by the following parameters.

  • Accurate
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Answers Questions
  • Informative
  • Original
  • Shareable
  • Solves Problems
  • Inspiring
  • Readable
  • Visual
  • Entertaining
  • Educational

Find Out What to Do with Your Existing Content

Making a data-driven decision is the final step of this process. If all the information in your existing content is accurate with quality links and good social share, no changes are needed. If the content has consistent traffic with less number of shares and conversions, update it. Consider rewriting the content if it has no traffic and doesn’t rank on page 1. If the content is poorly written and has no historical value, simply delete it.

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