What Are the Common SEO Mistakes that could Penalise Your Site?

SEO Mistakes

When it comes to gaining high ranks on Google’s search results, every website owner tries their best with a variety of SEO packages to outdo its competitors. Yes, every bit of SEO task done for the betterment of the website helps. Unfortunately, there is an upsetting side too – The Google Penalty! Not everyone gets a penalty on purpose. Some websites might get a penalty due to carelessness, black-hat techniques and at times even through honest SEO mistakes.

  • Duplicate Content – This is a prominent SEO mistake, which could result in a penalty. So make sure that your content is unique and of high-quality, which is useful to the readers. Use any plagiarism checker tool to check the uniqueness of the content before publishing it on your website.
  • Too many reciprocal links – If you have been exchanging a lot of links with your clients, it is identified as a manipulation attempt. Long back, reciprocal links were a part of any SEO services, but Google is keen nowadays, as it has been influenced to a great extent.
  • Buying Links – Buying links is another great method that influences the PageRank. But, what if you end up buying bad links, your action would push your website to the grave. So focus on building high-quality links rather than buying.
  • Too many H1 tags – H1 tag lets Google understand what the website is all about. So, it is essential to organise it properly. Google understands excessive H1 tags as an attempt of manipulation.
  • 404 Error – If your website is flashing 404, it is an indicator that your visitors are not getting the right information they are looking for. So, it is wise to clear out any errors of this sort and fix the problem right away.
  • Legitimate links from another language – Yes, you read it right, any legitimate links from a client in another country with a different language, is technically regarded as, against the Google norms. This is because – users prefer one single language, so links from other countries are not going to benefit them in any way.
  • Keyword Stuffing – when the keyword usage is high, it is an indicator that it is a poorly written content. If Google detects you using a high number of keywords on a page, then it might penalise you.
  • Missing Sitemap – Google analyses your website’s structure with the help of XML sitemap. So, make sure to have your XML sitemap up-to-date, and submit it to the Webmaster Tools account. It is wise to get the help of an SEO company, who will precisely structure the Sitemap for you!
  • Slow website – Many factors affect the loading speed of a website, if you think that it is okay, then you are wrong. This is a tricky problem, which requires an immediate troubleshooting. So, discuss with the best SEO Company who will fix any trouble, and help increase the speed of the website.

SEO is complex and requires professional handling of the tasks. So, don’t deploy anyone who claims to have a magical technique that will take your website to the top of SERPs in a short span. The only way to rank better is to put in smart work over time.

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