Tips To Optimise Google Ads To Generate A Better ROI

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Google Ads is one of the best platforms to advertise your brand and reclaim the ROI. At times, it can turn up to be a waste marketing budget too. It all lies in the hands of the Google ads experts, who set up and optimise Ads accordingly, so that you enjoy a good return from it. But, if the Ad campaign is not set up or optimised accurately, then you can be sure that you probably won’t witness any returns from it. Though the target audience and messages are unique based on the businesses, there are a few basic tactics from Adwords agency Sydney that will work irrespective of the industry type.

  • Optimise your Landing Page – You might be busy tweaking the bids, writing and testing ad copies and exert yourself on everything associated with the Ad campaign process. But, do you know, a successful PPC ad propels the leads to the landing page, which is only half of the winning. So, it is important to keep your landing page up-to date and in alignment with your campaign message. There should be a consistency between your ad copy, landing pages and the keywords. This will improve your Ads Click through Rate and conversions, while bringing down your Cost per Click. If you require help with landing page optimisation, get the help of experts from Google ads agency Sydney!
  • Build the Right Targeted Ad Groups – Identify the keywords with low Quality Score, and place them in another ad group which is relevant to them. In case, if you use broad match keywords, make use of the ‘See Search Terms’ report to understand the common queries that generate clicks. Consider the keywords that are relevant to you, and deploy them as the exact match keyword phrase. Get support from the professionals at Adwords agency Sydney to create the right targeted ad groups.
  • Utilise the Negative Keywords – This is one of the powerful tools that you can apply as part of the PPC Sydney Include negative keywords to your list, so that your ads show up for more appropriate searches. It is important to let Google know what your product or services are about, and prevent your ads from showing up for irrelevant searches.
  • Control Bids Using Match Types – Find out the broad match keywords that are wasting a lot of your budget without converting. At this stage, consider cutting down your bids on those keywords, and increase the bids on phrases and keywords that are bringing in good results.

Hopefully, these tips from the experts on optimising Google ads will help you generate a better ROI.

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