Should Rich Snippets be a Part of Your SEO Strategy?

Rich Snippets be a Part of Your SEO Strategy

Did you know rich snippets are an excellent way to stand out from your competitors in the search results? As customers try to figure out the most features in the product they intend to buy. Your search engine also tries to figure out the most critical features and highlight it in an effort to deliver a better experience. And, this is done through rich snippets.

So, what are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are the short pieces of information that are featured on SERP with an intention to provide the user with sufficient details about a page. These details are the ones that the users must know before they are visiting a website. The features are represented in the form of photographs, short video, time and temperature limit, star ratings, SEO Sydney prices (if you are an SEO service provider), and more.

The Relation between Rich Snippets and SERP

According to a recent study by the Search Engine Land, using rich snippets can improve your click-through rates up to four times and increases your website traffic. With the increasing popularity of voice search assistants such as Siri and Alexa, Google Home has started using rich snippets in some of their answers to benefit the visitors.

However, these rich snippets are valuable but underutilised in the SEO strategy. So, here are a few tips for incorporating rich snippets into your untapped SEO strategy.

How to Be Successful with Rich Snippets?

You need to add structured data (microformats to your site’s code) for search engines to display rich snippets. The following are the tips to achieve the best results with rich snippets.

  • Analyse the quality of your website and make sure it stays relevant with newsworthy, appropriate content.
  • Content is king! So, use long-form content with appropriate keywords in the title of the page and include subtitles with relevant keywords.
  • Include HTML tags when using lists or tables.
  • Utilise Google’s rich card feature to get higher rankings, if you have news to share.
  • Use a structured data testing tool to check your work and ensure there are no errors and to ensure that data displays correctly within search results.

Benefits of Placing Structured Data in Place

  • Rich snippets take up more space in your search results, and they are eye-catching. Hence they compel visitors to click on your website URL, and this increases the organic visibility of your website.
  • The extra elements displayed in the rich snippets such as ratings, product pricing, and more increases the click-through rate to your website.
  • According to SEO experts in Sydney, the ratings displayed in the rich snippets acts as additional authority to your product or service and result in increased conversions.

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